1995 Ford Explorer door handle stuck

Interior problem
1995 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic

Hello- my driver door handle recently decided to quit working, it gets stuck in the open position, never springs back. Upon taking off the panel, I can pull it back to closed by pulling the bar back that connects from the handle to the other side, cleaned and lubricated all metal workings, and it still will not work. Would this be a broken piece, or something electrical that is telling the door its still locked? Thanks.
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Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 AT 5:13 PM

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There is a round spring inside the mechanism of the handle itself. When you pull the handle to open the door the spring tightens applying pressure to the handle,when you release the handle the round internal handle spring "draws the handle" back.


The broken or weak spring is a common headache for Explorer or Mountaineer owners.
A new replacement handle is $23.00 available here:

"Ebay" is another place to look too.
Key Word Search "Explorer Door Handle"
Poke around, some sellers have free shipping.

Here is one $10.00 but the seller charges $6.36 shipping plus shipping at this link:

If you have a local "Junk or Salvage" yard near your location you could easily get one there for short money. Often you can get an identical colored handle replacements at them too. Check your exteriors "color code" on the vehicle information sticker on the side of your drivers side front door for a perfect color match.

The handles are held on by two dome head "Banana Peel" rivets.


The little trick is to drive out the "mandrel" (looks like a small nail) that remains in the center of the rivet with a small .125" (1/8th) inch punch. Then drill the top of the two rivet heads with a .250" (1/4 inch drill) to remove the entire rivet/rivets. You will need a (Cordless drill) to do the drilling in a "Junk or Salvage" yard removing it yourself.
Sometimes they are a little bit of a "P.I.T.A." and you will need to smash the two domed rivet heads off with a small chisel. Because the rivets are "dome headed" the chisel glides off easily...wear gloves.

Finally, when you are remounting your new handle you can secure it with small (1/4X20THD) or smaller "stainless steel" nut's and bolt's and "stainless steel" washers available from any hardware store or Home Depot/Lowe's etc. A body repair shop will have a rivet gun capable of riveting the handle back on too.

I hope the information helped.
If you have any problems just Private Message me and I will help you out.

Good Luck;
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