2001 Ford Expedition



January, 12, 2010 AT 12:32 PM

Electrical problem
2001 Ford Expedition V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual 175000 miles

The low beam headlights will not work (both sides), the bulbs are good. The high beams work fine. When you dim from high to low beam the low beams do not come on, however the fog lamps do come on.
i thought it might be a breaker or relay that has gone out. A local mechanic advised me that it was the dimmer switch and the steering coloumn had to be disassembled to repair it.
this did not sound right to me. I know heavy equipemnt, cars are little out of my expertise. Please advise.

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January, 24, 2010 AT 7:49 PM

Do your daytime running lamps work properly?

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