2005 Ford Escape emergency stop

  • 2005 FORD ESCAPE
  • 4 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 150,000 MILES
2005 Escape hybrid stops suddenly on the way and odometer shows "stop safely now". At that moment engine cut off. But ventilator of HV batery is still working about 10-20 minutes. And at that time is impossible to start engine. When HV ventilator stop to work, I can start engine and go. But it is impossible to detect, when engine can stop again. When checking DTC code with odometer, it show d900, but I can not find, what it mean. Engine is stoping, when it is cold, after 1-2 minutes, or it is working long time. Generally it seams, that becouse of HV batery is coming too warm, engine cut off, but when engine is cold and was started only 1 minute ago, it is impossible.
How to determine reason? And repaire at home situation.I'm an electric engineer. My lication is Lithuania, and only I have this kind of car, so, there is no possibility to use official ford service for this model.
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Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 AT 2:41 PM

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This is a known problem, and a PCM(computer) reflash is done at Ford to eliminate the problem, here's the info from Ford:
INTERMITTENT RED TRIANGLE ON AND "STOP SAFELY NOW" ON MESSAGE CENTER WITH WRENCH LIGHT AND DTC P1A0C TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN Reference Number(s): 08-3-3, Date of Issue: February 18, 2008 Superceded Bulletin(s): 07-25-9, Date of Issue: December 24, 2007 Related Ref Number(s): 07-25-9, 08-3-3 ARTICLE BEGINNING ISSUE Some 2005 Escape Hybrid, 2008 Escape Hybrid, and Mariner Hybrid vehicles may exhibit an intermittent Red Triangle On and "Stop Safely Now" Message displayed on the message center accompanied by a sudden RPM loss/no start symptom with a DTC P1A0C. 2005 vehicles typically exhibit this symptom on the first start of the morning. 2008 vehicles typically exhibit this symptom after an extended idle. This symptom will clear on the next key cycle. ACTION Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Access and monitor the LOSSTRT PID in the PCM. A. If the LOSSTRT PID indicates YES perform Step 2. B. If the LOSSTRT PID indicates NO the DTC P1A0C may be the result of a 12 volt system fault. Performing the calibration update in Step 2 will not correct a 12 volt system fault. Follow Powertrain Control Emission Diagnostics (PCED) for DTC P1A0C. 2. Reprogram the powertrain control module (PCM) to the latest calibration using IDS release 52.14 and higher or 53.2 and higher. This new calibration is not included in the VCM 2008.1 DVD. Calibration files may also be obtained at www. Motorcraft. Com. WARRANTY INFORMATION WARRANTY STATUS: Eligible Under Provisions Of New Vehicle Limited Warranty Coverage And Emissions Warranty Coverage. FORD: 2005 Escape Hybrid; 2008 Escape Hybrid MERCURY: 2008 Mariner Hybrid NOTE: This article supersedes TSB 07-25-9 to update the vehicle model years. NOTE: AUTHORIZATION DECAL NOT REQUIRED. IMPORTANT: Warranty coverage limits/policies are not altered by a TSB. Warranty WARRANTY INFORMATION DEALER CODING coverage limits are determined by the identified causal part. Operation Description Time 080303A 2005 Escape Hybrid, 2008 Escape Hybrid, Mariner Hybrid: Check DTCs And Reprogram The PCM, Authorization Decal Not Required (Do Not Use With 12650D) 0.3 Hr. Basic Part No. Condition Code RECALEM 04
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Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 AT 2:51 PM

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