2002 Ford Escape



June, 16, 2008 AT 2:21 PM

Engine Performance problem
2002 Ford Escape 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 82000 miles

I have a 2002 Ford Escape with 82000 miles and I am having a recurring problem with the Check Engine Light. The light first illuminated (solid) on September 16, 2007. I took the vehicle into a Ford Service Center the following day, but they could not identify what was causing the light to come on. They reset the light and I left. Over a period of 4 weeks, I was back at Ford 6 times for the same problem (9/17, 9/24, 9/26, 10/2, 10/4, 10/9) and again on 10/9 and 11/26. Just as I would roll to a stop, the car would shudder like it was going to die, and then the check engine light would come on. Afterward, it seemed to run fine but each time I made an appointment with the Ford Service Center. It also seemed to only happen when the air conditioner was running or if we had been driving distances of more than 30 miles or so. I told the Ford center that it seemed like it only came on when the air conditioner was running and they kept telling me that it had nothing to do with the check engine light. (Maybe it doesn't but I it has only happened after the air conditioner is turn on)

The following things have been replaced/repaired: 1CYL IGN Coil & Spark Plug (9/26/07) and Idle Air Control Selinoid (12/18/07).

Two weeks ago (6/3/08), the check engine light came on again after the same shudder feeling. I went back to the Ford center and they said they are getting a code P0351. They contacted a Ford Technical Rep who gave them a Technical Service Bulletin 05-11-01 which refers to 2005 Escapes and 2005 Mariners. Among other suggestions, the bulletin says to replace all the spark plugs. They reset the light and said to drive it and see if the light comes back on.

I've driven it since and yesterday the car did the same thing - shuddered and then the light came on. I have an appointment on Thursday but am trying to find anyone who might have had a similar problem and/or solution. I'm sorry for all the detail but I just am not a " car person" so I'm not sure what information is important - thank you!


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June, 16, 2008 AT 2:48 PM

I just want to say first, are they charging you everytime that you go to them and have the computer scanned, because if they are, please stop, you can get free computer scans at autozone or your local parts place, those dealers want anywhere from 90 dollars to a 125 dollars just to scan your car, noway if I can save someone that kind of money, then I will. Okay now. Your problem could be several other things like a fuel pressure regulator to the mass air flow sensor or the egr valve. Or even the mapp sensor can give those symptoms, but the first thing I would want you to recheck is the idle air control valve, that is usually the problem when symptoms like yours occur, and because it was recently replaced does not mean that it wasnt faulty or now is faulty. I would also have your throttle body cleaned out along with the throttle plate, change pcv and breather. But dont get ripped off by the dealer.



June, 16, 2008 AT 3:11 PM

Thank you for the response - No, they are not charging me each time I go in. My car had what they call an " after-market warranty" which expired at the end of April (6 years/100k miles). I'm not sure why they call it " after-market" because we bought it when we bought the car new. Prior to the warranty expiration, everything was covered less a $100 deductible. At this point, though, anything that has to be repaired is out of our pocket.



November, 2, 2012 AT 2:21 AM

Did you every solve your problem? I have the exact! Same problem with my 2002 Escape with almost the same mileage. Any learning would be appreciated

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