1990 Ford Crown Victoria won't shift

  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 115,000 MILES
My Crown vic. 5.0 motor will shift once from 1st to second it seems. If the shifter is in OD and I downshift nothing happens. If I put it in 1 and shift it it will shift once but no more. You can really only cruise about 45 and btw the cruise won't work either but the main concern is shifting. It is full on fluid. Thanks
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Thursday, October 15th, 2009 AT 8:32 PM

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Tech Bulliten as follows.
AOD TRANS NOISE/DELAYED SHIFTS/OR NO ENGAGEMENTS TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN Reference Number(s): 91-3-9, Date of Issue: February, 1991 Related Ref Number(s): 91-3-9 ARTICLE BEGINNING APPLICATION 1990 Bronco, Cougar, Crown Victoria, E-150, F-150, F-250, Grand Marquis, Mark VII, Mustang, Thunderbird & Town Car SUBJECT AOD Transmission Noise, Delayed Shifts or No Engagements REFERENCE Ford Motor Co., Technical Service Bulletin, No. 91-3-9, February, 1991 CONDITION & CAUSE Some 1990 Bronco, Cougar, Crown Victoria, E-150, F-150, F-250, Grand Marquis, Mark VII, Mustang, Thunderbird and Town Car vehicles equipped with the AOD transmission may exhibit transmission noise, delayed shifts or no engagements. This condition may be caused by an internal thrust washer that is abnormally worn. This wear results in virtually undetectable non-metallic particles that can plug the filter, creating fluid starvation. This could burn the fluid overdrive band and/or forward clutch plates. REPAIR To repair this condition, perform the end play check on the converter. If necessary, replace the converter, flush the cooler lines and replace the transmission filter. Refer to the following procedure for service details. CONVERTER END PLAY / ONE WAY CLUTCH CHECK 1. Insert the End Play Checking Tool (T80L-7902-A) or equivalent into the converter pump drive hub until it bottoms. See Fig. 1 . Expand the sleeve in the turbine spline by tightening the threaded inner post until the tool is securely locked into the spline. 2. Attach Dial Indicator (TOOL-4201-C) or equivalent to the tool. Position the indicator button on the converter pump drive hub and set the dial face at zero. See Fig. 1 . 3. Lift the tool upward as far as it will go and note the indicator reading. The indicator reading is the total end play which the turbine and stator share. 4. Replace the converter unit if the total end play exceeds the limits indicated in the following Converter End Play Specifications Chart


5. Loosen the threaded inner post to free the tool and remove the tool from the converter. CONVERTER REPLACEMENT & OTHER SERVICE REPAIRS 1. If the thrust washer is worn, the used condition allowable limit of .050" (.013mm) maximum will be exceeded. If this occurs, replace the converter. 2. To prevent repeat repairs, perform a thorough flushing of the cooler lines. Replace the transmission filter (E1AZ-7A098-A). Set the TV pressure with a pressure gauge to specifications.


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Friday, October 16th, 2009 AT 8:41 PM

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