Exterior lighting, rear wheel noise, front end issues

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I have 3 issues, first I should tell you in February my car was damaged in a wreck. The drivers side front wheel took a hard hit. The insurance company repaired cosmetic damage, but nothing else, which I will describe in a moment. The first issue is my exterior lighting, specifically, the blinkers, the left front went out and I replaced it with the manufacturer"s specified light bulb, it blew again, this time I noticed the bulb (or something) had gotten hot enough to melt the amber lens, there was a burn whole about the size of a half dollar melted into it, then the right side blew, it too was replaced with the specified bulb and it had had a burn hole that melted almost half the lens, after being replaced, it began blowing every few days, now it doesnt work at all. Second issue. Rear end is making a sort of soft grinding noise. It doesnt sound like metal on metal just. Like something isnt quite right. Was told by folks that fixed the cosmetic damage after the wreck said it was wheel bearings. Any thoughts? Now the third issue bothers me the most, The front end on passenger side started doing a popping when I turned, the mechanic I took it too said it was the cv axle and it would cost 700.00 for parts and service per side and that I should replace both sides if I was going to replace one. Then after the wreck, the popping noise is much louder and it makes another noise when hitting a bump in the road. The folks at firestone said it was the rack and pinion and the steering column as well, but would not fix because it was all normal wear and tear, they also wanted 1300.00 to repair. What is your advice?
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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 AT 4:56 PM

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See if the insurance company will fix any of this as it sounds like the wreck damaged the front end components as well. The electrical have amechanic look at it sounds like a loose or bad ground especially to burn holes through lens. Body shops don't do a very good job of electrical work on cars. And mostly just twist things together like harnesses. It could have shorted something out so fuse blows constantly
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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 AT 6:49 AM

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