After replacing fuel pump it shuts off after a couple of seconds

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I have the vehicle listed above d100. It ran fine a couple days ago. I replaced fuel pump and ever since it starts up and shuts off a couple seconds later.
Thursday, February 14th, 2019 AT 8:10 AM

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Hi and thanks for using 2CarPros.

Since this started with the replacement of the fuel pump, the first thing you need to check is fuel pressure. Just because it is a new pump doesn't mean it's good.

Here is a link that shows in general how to check fuel pressure:

I attached a picture. It shows the manufacturer's specs for pressure and is the last one listed. Keep in mind, if you didn't replace the intake fuel filter, it could be blocking.

Here are the directions for pump replacement. I am adding them for you to confirm you did everything correctly. The attached pictures correlate with these directions.


Fuel Pump Module Removal/Installation
Picture 1

1. Fuel system pressure must be released prior to service.
2. Fuel tank must be removed prior to fuel pump service.
3. While holding the fuel pump module down, remove the retaining clamp. After the clamp is removed release the fuel pump module and it will spring up from the fuel tank.
4. Remove the fuel pump module from the fuel tank.


Fuel Gauge Sending Unit Service
Picture 2
1. Remove sending unit attaching screws from mounting bracket located on the side of the fuel pump reservoir.

Fuel Gauge Sending Unit Wiring Terminals
Picture 3
2. Disconnect electrical connections from sending unit, and remove sending unit.

Removing Fuel Line Coil From Reservoir
Picture 4
Fuel Pump And Reservoir Assembly
Picture 5
3. Remove drain tube from the side of the fuel reservoir. Be careful not to let the fuel return line and check valve come detached from the inside of the reservoir.

Fuel Pump Mount Bracket
Picture 6
Fuel Pump Removal/Installation
Picture 7
4. Remove the fuel pump assembly by pressing on the mounting bracket with your thumb and forefinger. Press with both thumbs toward the center of the fuel reservoir.

Servicing In-Tank Fuel Filter
Picture 8
5. Remove pump mounting bracket and rubber collar from hose and retain for assembly. Cut the hose clamp from the supply hose and discard. Remove pump/strainer assembly from hose.

Servicing In-Tank Fuel Filter
Picture 9
6. If fuel pump is functioning properly but fuel strainer is defective, use a broad blade screwdriver and "walk" around the strainer mounting ferrule to remove it from the fuel pump. Be careful not to damage the fuel pump inlet. If fuel pump is defective, replace both the pump and filter.


1. Press new strainer onto pump (new pumps come with a new strainer).
2. Install new clamp to attach the fuel pump to the supply hose. Use tool # C-4124, or equivalent, to crimp clamp.

Servicing In-Tank Fuel Filter
Picture 10
3. Reposition pump mounting bracket and rubber collar on the fuel supply hose between the bulge in the hose and the fuel pump.
4. Install the fuel pump inside the fuel reservoir so that the fuel strainer aligns with the cavity in the reservoir.

Fuel Pump Mount Bracket
Picture 11

5. Snap fuel pump bracket into the reservoir.
6. Install the reservoir so that the drain tube aligns with the mounting lugs on the reservoir.
7. Snap the lower-most fuel coil into mounting lugs in the top of the reservoir.
8. Snap the drain tube into the lugs on the bottom of the reservoir.

Fuel Gauge Sending Unit Wiring Terminals
Picture 12
9. Connect the electrical wires to the fuel gauge sending unit.
10. Align the index hole on the reservoir with the index tab of the new sending unit mounting bracket.

Fuel Gauge Sending Unit Service
Picture 13
11. Attach sending unit to mounting bracket and tighten the mounting screws.


1. Wipe seal area of tank clean, and install a new O-ring seal on pump.

Fuel Pump Module Retaining Bracket
Pic 14
2. Align fuel pump module with fuel pump mounting bracket (in the bottom of the fuel tank).

Fuel Pump Module Removal/Installation
Pic 15
3. Push fuel pump module into the retaining bracket and hold with one hand while tightening the clamp with the other hand. Tighten the clamp to 40 lb-in (4.5 Nm)
4. Install fuel tank assembly.
5. Perform fuel system pressure test to check for leaks.


Keep in mind, even a kinked hose can cause this type of issue, so reinspect your work.

Let me know if this helps.

Take care,
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Thursday, February 14th, 2019 AT 8:09 PM

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