2002 Dodge Stratus

2002 Dodge Stratus

so I just bought a this car from a guy a couple weeks ago, all he told me was that the radio that came in the car didnt work that I would have to get a new one. So I bought a new one they tried to put it in and they got nothing.I have also noticed that my cigarette lighter hasnt worked except one time, my horn works when it wants to, when I first got the car the bright lights symbol on the dashboard didnt work but now does, and also my heat will start off but then about 20 seconds later it turns to cold air and I get no heat after that. But my mother took my car and she said that the heat worked for her all day, and when I went to an auto place for them to hookup the diagnostic thing to it. They couldnt even do it like it wouldnt even turn on. Some people have been telling me its the fuses so I went and got them checked they were fine, other people told me that it was a blown circuit. Im just so clueless and im taking it to an electrical place next week for them to see what it is but its really expensive. So PLEASE HELP ME!
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There are two models of radio that have a 100 percent failure rate. One has a cassette player and the other has a cd player. They have three tone controls with yellow leds in them. Holler back if that's what you have. There are different model number radios that look the same, run the same remote cd changer if you have one, and mount the same.

Most models of radios will be dead if the memory circuit for the station presets and clock is dead. This circuit is always tied to some other circuit that is hot all the time. Interior lights, horn, and cigarette lighter are three commonly used circuits. See if there's anything else that doesn't work.

For all the issues you're having, fuses are not a likely possibility. In very rare instances, one could be loose in its socket causing intermittent problems, but normally, when a fuse blows, it's done; it won't magically start working again until the cause is corrected and the fuse is replaced.

The little light bulbs in the instrument cluster can be intermittent. Another problem I've read about a lot is loose connector pins on the cluster. They can be soldered to the copper circuits to stop the intermittent problems.

Most independent repair shops don't use Chrysler's DRB3 diagnostic computer. They use one of the many aftermarket "scanners". All of them get their power through the connector under the steering column where it is plugged in. That circuit being dead is probably related to one of the other things that doesn't work.

A "blown circuit" doesn't mean much. That's like saying the car makes a noise. That could apply to hundreds of different things. Don't listen to those "other people".

A lot of stuff is now run by complicated, unnecessary, unreliable computers. Even the instrument cluster, which never used to cause problems, is an entire computer module in itself. The body computer is involved with the horn, power locks, power windows, and dome lights. They are noted for causing a lot of intermittent problems. There is also an HVAC module, for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. I've never worked on one of those, but I'd start by looking for loose connector pins that can be resoldered. On older cars like the stuff I drive, simple, reliable switches, levers, and cables work everything in the heater. There was no need to computerize everything. Sure wish the engineers would wise up.

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