1988 Dodge Shadow brake bleeding

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  • FWD
  • 101,000 MILES
So I just replaced the LF brake caliper on my dodge shadow and now I can't get anything to come out of the bleeder. All other wheels bled fine
Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 AT 4:41 PM

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Inspect the brake hoses. You may have damaged or pinched one of the hoses up a bit during repair of caliper. Below are the proper bleeding techniques for your vehicle. Let me know if it helps.

The sequence for bleeding is right rear wheel, left front wheel, left rear wheel, then right front wheel for Chrysler front wheel drive vehicles without an ABS system. Remove the vacuum from the vacuum booster by applying the brakes several times. Do not run the engine while bleeding the brakes.
Clean all the bleeder screws. You may want to give each one a shot of penetrating solvent to loosen it; seizure is a common problem with bleeder screws, which then break off, sometimes requiring replacement of the part to which they are attached.
Fill the master cylinder with DOT 3 brake fluid.
Check the level of the fluid often when bleeding, and refill the reservoirs as necessary. Don't let them run dry, or you will have to repeat the process.

Attach a length of clear vinyl tubing to the bleeder screw on the wheel cylinder. Insert the other end of the tube into a clear, clean jar half filled with brake fluid.
Have your assistant slowly depress the brake pedal. As this is done, open the bleeder screw until the brake fluid starts to flow through the tube. Then, close the bleeder screw before the brake pedal reaches the end of its travel. After the bleeder valve is fully closed, have your assistant slowly release the pedal. Repeat this process until no air bubbles appear in the expelled fluid.
Repeat the procedure on the other three brake cylinders/calipers, checking the lever of brake fluid in the master cylinder reservoir often.

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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 AT 4:50 PM

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