1994 Dodge Ram front axle shaft u-joints

  • 1994 DODGE RAM
  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 100,000 MILES
I have a 1994 dodge ram 2500 with a 3500 pound front axle. I bought the right u joints and need to replace both front axle u joints. First I need to know how to go about doing this, I have all the tools except the the socket for the axle nut. What size is this axle nut and again how do I go about getting these axles out to change the u joints. I am very mechanically inclined but just have never worked on a dodge yet. I usually work on chevys and a few fords. Please help.
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This should be a treat because Chrysler products are normally quite easy to diagnose and repair.

Some front u-joints can be replaced without removing the hub, but you will need a ball joint press. If you can remove the clips and tap out the cups AND sneak the cross out and the new one in, it will save some time. The ball joint press is needed to press the new cups in but be careful to not allow any of the needle bearings to drop out of place.

If you have to remove stuff, do not loosen the axle nut with the weight of the truck on it. The bearing can become noisy if not held together by the nut while the vehicle weight is on it.

Remove the wheel / tire, brake caliper, (don't allow it to hang by the hose), and axle nut. A big screwdriver or punch in the rotor vents will prevent the axle from turning while you loosen the nut. You will likely have "captive" rotors meaning they are bolted to the backside of the hub assembly. The bearing and hub is bolted to the spindle from the back. The will be four bolts, (15mm heads as I recall), on the back of the spindle. If you only loosen them a few turns, you can tap on the heads to help push the bearing assembly out. Sometimes the bearing is hard to get out because of rust, so consider coating it with grease or anti-seize compound when you put it back together. Once the bearing is out, you can slide the axle shaft out to change the u-joint.

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