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February, 8, 2010 AT 3:38 AM

Electrical problem
2000 Dodge Intrepid 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 159702 miles

I have asked this question to you guys before and you responded that it might be the light flasher signal.
I have bought the Light Signal Flasher and installed it into my vehicle, but that didn't solved the issue. It's still having problems with the signal lights.

(Here is the problem)
Everytime I try to do my turn signals or used my emergency signal, it turn on for couple times then, it stops. Sometimes it doesn't even comes on, but there are times it does.

Would there be any other solution for me to check it out? I've already tried the turn signal flasher and replaced it. What would be the next step for me to check out? I've also check all the fuse and they are all in good condition as well.

Please help and Thanks


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February, 8, 2010 AT 9:13 AM

Hello sebastian_personal

The combination switch is defective and must be replaced to take care of the problem.
Air bag must be removed(be careful)and the three clockspring screws must also be removed.




February, 8, 2010 AT 12:05 PM

Thank you for your reply.

Where can I order that parts? I called couple auto parts place and they said they don't carry those parts at all.

How much would they cost me to buy a new one?

You mention that becareful of taking off the air bag. Why is that and what would be the safest way to take it off?




February, 8, 2010 AT 1:03 PM

Hello sebastian_personal

I believe Auto zone do have this part($133.99),also dodge dealer or a junk yard .
I advice dealer or auto zone because with junkyard, you do not know what you get.
When working in the vicinity of the air bag,it is important to be careful depending on your mechanical skills.

combination switch removal

The Air Bag system must be disarmed before repair and/or removal of any component in its immediate area including the air bag itself. Failure to do so may cause accidental deployment of the air bag, resulting in unnecessary system repairs and/or personal injury or death.

Disconnect the negative battery cable and isolate the cable using an appropriate insulator (wrap with quality electrical tape).

Allow the system capacitor to discharge for 2 minutes before starting any repair on any air bag system or related components. This will disable the air bag system.

# position the front wheels straight-ahead.

# Fully extend or pull out adjustable steering column.

# Remove the airbag

# Remove the three clockspring screws.

Carefully pull straight up on clockspring to remove.

After the clockspring is removed, there is only one more screw on the top side of the SCCM that needs to be removed and is located at approximately the six o'clock position on the SCCM. It holds the lower side of the steering angle sensor, the lower side of the electric tilt lever assembly, or the strengthening strut if not equipped with electric tilt.

# If equipped with ESP, remove the steering angle sensor screw located at the six o'clock position on the SCCM and remove the steering angle sensor from the SCCM. If not equipped with ESP, there will be a plastic insert there for strengthening of the SCCM that will lift right out.

# If equipped with manual telescoping column, remove the strut screw, located at the six o'clock position, and strut.

# If equipped with electronic telescoping column, remove the one remaining screw to electric tilt located at the six o'clock position, and remove stalk and switch.

# Remove the speed control switch.

# Remove the steering column tilt/telescoping lever screw located at the six o'clock position.

# Remove the three screws from the bottom of the SCCM for the multi-function switch and Steering Control Module (SCM).

# Separate the multi-function switch from the SCM.


To install:

1. Position the Steering Control Module (SCM) onto the multi-function switch.

2. Install the multi-function switch and SCM and tighten the three screws from the bottom of the SCCM.

3. Install the steering column telescoping lever.

4. Install the speed control switch.

5. If equipped with manual telescoping column, install the strut.

6. If equipped with electronic telescoping column, install the electric tilt lever and switch.

7. If equipped wit ESP, install the steering angle sensor and screw located at the six o'clock position.

8. Install the clockspring and screws.

9. Install the SCCM onto the steering column.

10. Tighten the set screw securing the SCCM.

11. Tighten clockspring screws.

12. Align the spline on the steering wheel hub to shaft.

13. Then install the steering wheel and install a NEW retainer bolt.

14. Tighten the bolt to 52 ft. lbs. (70 Nm).

15. Install the airbag

16. Connect the battery negative cable. If equipped with Electronic Stability Program (ESP), the steering angle sensor must be calibrated

All fasteners must be torqued to specification to ensure proper operation of the steering column.

Install the negative battery terminal on the battery.
Test the operation of the horn, lights and any other functions that are steering column operated.



February, 8, 2010 AT 5:56 PM

You mention about having the system capacitor needs to be discharge for 2 minutes. How do I exactly do that?

If I got It right or if I understood you. All I have to do Is to take out the negative wire from the battery in order for the system capacitor discharge itself without doin anything else?




February, 9, 2010 AT 1:56 AM

Hello sebastian_personal

Yes, you got it.
The system capacitor needs to be discharge for 2 minutes after the battery neg. Is disconnected or give it 5 minutes to be on the safe side.
In other words, you do not need to do anything, just wait maxi. 2 to 5 minutes and the capacitor will be discharged.



May, 27, 2010 AT 6:01 PM

I Read your artical Reply to Sebastian_ Personal on Feb10 2010 and I have the same Problem. I saved for three Months to buy a multifuntion switch and I took the car to a repair place, and hadthe switch put in, and the turn Signals still don't work. The Repair Place said they could diagnos it, But it would be untold labor to find the trouble. I don't have the money to spare. I replaced Fuses, Flasher, Bulbs, and Multifuntion Switch to no avail. Please help with any other Ideas you may have.I will Gladly Donate when I save the Money

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