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Hello, I am looking for some suggestions. I have a 1992 Dodge Dakota extended cab, 4x4, 3.9l, that's fuel injected. The ABS light and parking light come on and go out at startup but than after about 30 seconds of start up, sometimes longer, they both come back on. The fluid looks fine and full. Disconnecting the battery for one week does not change that fact.
The check engine light does not come on and stay on.
the daylight running lights will come on after the battery power cable is disconnected for a week, but than go out after a few minutes and stay out, at next start up they do not come back on. All the rest of the lights appear to work properly ex. Signals, dashlights, overdrive light
the cruise control doesn't work and the overdrive does not engage
--we've tried
taking the cover off the wiring under the hood, and all connections have been resoldered as needed (but looked o'k) and have replaced the road speed sensor (will do this again as when performing self diagnosis the last time there was a speed sensor error). I understand that can sometimes make the cruise not work.
Help, help, help.
This could be related, near the top of the parking brake (by the drivers knee) there is a switch type, when the parking brake is not engaged should the two sections of the switch be apart? If so when the emergency brake is engaged than are the two sections (copper sheets) be touching to complete the circuit. The repair manual we have does not indicate this at all.
PS all the fuses in the fuse panel (by drivers knee) seem to be intact and functioning, there is power to and out of each fuse.
Can we take a standard test light to check the relay/fuses (approx 6x4 box) on the drivers fender near the firewall? Without damaging any sensors?
Thanks for your input, I realize this is a lot of info but I hope it helps you, to help me because my 92 Dakette is not too happy right now.

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Wednesday, January 25th, 2006 AT 7:29 PM

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This was my original post, the new speed control sensor on the back of the transmission was apparently faulty, we replaced it and we re-gained, cruise, daylight running lights, and overdrive. ABS and parking lights still a problem thou.

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Saturday, February 25th, 2006 AT 10:06 AM

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