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March, 14, 2006 AT 10:31 AM

I have noticed that the speaker on the drivers side doesnt work when my van is cold. If I let it sit in the sun on a hot day then when I start it - it suddenly works however if the AC is turned on, it stops working. I have also noticed the interior lights in the front have glitches - sometimes they turn on when the door is opened, sometimes not. Recently I opened my vent windows in the back and when I went to close them, the passenger side closed fine but the drivers side did not close at all. About a day later, when I got in, started my van the drivers side window didnt open at all, nor did not make any noise. Its like it is stuck. I have a 98 dodge grandcaravan and have changed the battery about 8 months ago or longer. Is there a control module that operates both the rear vent window and the drivers side window that perhaps need replaced because neither are working and stopped at the same time about. Also could there be an electrical problem that would cause the lights to flicker or not work? And as far as the speaker, could it be the wiring. Or perhaps the wiring is faulting all of my problems?

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March, 18, 2006 AT 4:34 PM

Probally got wiring problems in driver door panel. Something grounding out ever once in a while and cutting power.
If your capable of taking off panel Id just start looking around makiing sure all wires are hooked and nothing shorting out.
Let us how it goes thnks jess s.



March, 21, 2006 AT 7:41 AM

It does seem to be in the door panel where the wiring goes into the door, this actually when jiggled works the back rear window, however does not correct the speaker or the driver window. We took off the panel and looked at the wiring and there are no evident problems as far as the eye can see in the wiring that goes directly to the control. When we tapped the control with a screw driver the window started to work. Off and on. This tells me its in the control which will have to be replaced. I will keep you posted. Thanks for all of your help.

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