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February, 24, 2009 AT 10:52 AM

Transmission problem
1995 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 120000 miles

My Caravan transmission failed out of town and I had it rebuilt. Worked fine for about 8 months. Then after about a 5 hour drive, it lurched a little on the highway exit ramp, and the speedometer failed. And it would not shift from fisrst gear.

Speed sensor right? Well the plug to the speed sensor must have been loose and caught on something as it is completely gone!

I was unable to get to a junkyard so I bought a new speed sensor with a pig tail. This part was cross referenced at Advance Auto it was a 3 wire instead of a 2 wire. I could not tell where the original wires ran from, so I replaced the speed sensor and ran the new plug to the wires as shown in the schematic.

Now the speedometer works but it still will not shift and putting it in gear it shifts hard.

A mechanic friend had me pull the battery terminals to clear the computer, same thing.

Checked tranny fluid and it is topped off and okay.

Is my tranny shot or did I foul the wiring? Tranny is out of warrenty and if it wasn't I would not want to drive 300 miles to the shop that rebuilt it.

Just trying to get it through a few more months before I can replace the van.



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February, 24, 2009 AT 5:35 PM

I wish your mechanic friend had asked you to pull the codes from the PCM first, before unplugging the battery. As it is still doing the same thing, please try pulling the codes from the PCM. Insert the key into the ignition, turn the key to ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON and read the codes being shown on the odometer screen. Please post the code numbers here.

Not shifting from the 1st gear does not necessarily mean speed sensor. It is called " limp home" mode. It is designed to protect the transmission from further damage.

While the replacement of the speed sensor may prove necessary, I believe your problem lies in the transmission control module. But before you spend more money, try getting us the code from the PCM.



February, 24, 2009 AT 7:23 PM

I ran the test, codes came back 12 and 55. Nothing there.

I test drove it myself and it will not shift, and the check engine light does not come on. I had it up to 50 mph and still nothing.

The shift is not as hard as my wife led me to believe. It is a muted thud but not a BAMMM.

I drove it a little and I could not notice any other issues. I checked under the hood to make sure I didn't knock anything loose while hooking up the speed sensor. Everything looks okay.

I did replace the speed sensor, but the one I removed was a 2 wire and the new one (that included a plugend and wires) is a 3 prong plug. I have no idea where the original speed sensor electrical conector went or the wires connnected. So I connected from the schematic to wires #47 (White/Orange) #4 (Lt Blue/Black) and the " new" third wire connected to #7 (Orange). Speedo works fine, but no shift.

Any other ideas?





February, 24, 2009 AT 8:44 PM

DTC 12 Battery disconnected (which you did)
DTS 55 End of test


Not shifting at 50. I am leaning towards transmission control module or the transmission solenoid & pressure switch.



February, 25, 2009 AT 6:57 PM

Tried a Transmission Control Module (computer) no change.

Have not found a junk yard that will sell me a used presure switch or solenoid.

New the solenoids are more than I want to spend on this thing.

Local transmision shop from the same franchise as the original rebuilder willing to check it for free, I am just going to get it towed in.




February, 25, 2009 AT 11:18 PM

Let me know if I can be more help.

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