How to Replace a Flywheel

Easy to follow step by step guide on how to replace or remove an automotive engine flywheel, though appearances may vary, the process is the same for most manual transmission rear wheel drive vehicles.

Difficulty Level - 7

Tools and Supplies Needed

  • Complete tool set
  • Replacement flywheel
  • Torque wrench
  • Shop towels
  • Protective eye wear and gloves

Begin with the vehicle lifted enough to access the transmission while using jack stands for safety, wear protective eye wear and gloves.

Step 1 - Start by identifying the flywheel once the transmission and clutch have been removed.

Please visit our manual transmission removal guide for further instructions.

Please visit our clutch removal guide for further instructions.

Engine Flywheel

Step 2 - Remove all flywheel mounting bolts, this can be difficult if the flywheel turns while removing, have a helper wear gardening gloves and hold it as you position the ratchet or wrench outward to minimize spin, or use an impact wrench or flywheel holding tool (not shown).

Remove Flywheel Bolts

Step 3 - Using a breaker bar, gently wedge it behind the flywheel and in between the engine block, while grasping the flywheel firmly jar the flywheel loose from the engine. (Note: The flywheel is heavy, so be ready.)

Remove Flywheel

Step 4 - Once the flywheel has been removed, inspect the rear of the engine including the rear crankshaft main seal and freeze plugs (if any).

Rear of Engine

Step 5 - Inspect the flywheel's condition, hard spots are an indication of extreme use, if large cracks are present the flywheel will need replacement and will not be eligible for resurfacing.

Flywheel Hard Spots

Step 6 - Once receiving a resurfaced or new flywheel, use carburetor cleaner to clean the clutch surface thoroughly. (Note: Most automotive machine shops resurface flywheels.)

Clean Resurfaced Flywheel

Step 7 - Gently mount the flywheel onto the crankshaft, install the mounting bolts by hand, (Note: Flywheel bolt pattern one only line up one direction to avoid improper installation).

Installing Flywheel

Step 8 - Tighten the flywheel mounting bolts in a star pattern to factory specification, (usually 70 to 80 foot pounds).

Tighten Flywheel Bolts

Helpful Information

A new or resurfaced flywheel works well with new clutch components and is recommended when replacing a clutch assembly.

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