2006 Chrysler Town and Country



January, 25, 2008 AT 9:35 AM

Transmission problem
2006 Chrysler Town and Country 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 22,500 miles

When braking our t& C mini van will randomly make kind of a grinding/growling noise in the front end. It happens at different speeds, braking conditions, and time. It is not a constant noise, it just pops up, than go away and then will happen again 30 minutes, or 2 minutes later. The only consistent thing we seem to notice is that it happens towards the end of braking, a couple of seconds before we come to a complete stop, not during the whole time we are applying the brakes. I have had the brakes inspected and a front brake job done in the last two days. According the service department there are now no issues and he brake job should have taken care of the noise. Again today the sounds starts again, out of the blue and then goes away. I am guessing I have more than a break problem


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March, 5, 2008 AT 10:34 PM

My wife's 2006 t/c van is doing the exact same thing. Thank you for so accurately describing our problem too. It seems to occur on the right side - I can't be certain I've heard it on the driver's side.

Can anyone offer any advice? I just installed new brakes and rotors. Man, I'm so frustrated! I thought for certain it would have taken care of the problem.

Maybe I'll try new calipers. Unfortunately they are not available at my local auto parts store. I can only imagine what they cost at the Stealership parts dept.



March, 26, 2008 AT 4:08 PM

I am so glad to read that my van isn't the only one making this sound. We have had our van checked twice in 5 months, the most recently being just a week ago, and our brakes are just fine. What I have noticed is that when the temperatures are cold outside I don't hear the problem, but then the temperatures are warmer I do, and it isn't with every stop at first. I hope someone reads this and can help us determine what is going on. Our mechanic tells us that the braking system is sound and everythings checks out just fine.



March, 28, 2008 AT 2:01 PM

My 2006 town and country has the same problem. The dealer wants to replace the front brake pads and rotor. The parts would cost around $500.00. Looks like the parts they use are defective if so many of us have similar problems. The vehicle shudders while driving at high speeds and brakes are applied. Sometimes it feels like the vehicle is not going to stop when brakes are applied.



March, 31, 2008 AT 1:15 PM

: idea: In our 2005 T& C we have experienced the exact same problem with the grinding/rumbling noises that sound like they are coming from the right front brake area. In addition to that noise, I have also had a looseness in the front end (same area) sounding like a slight rattle or clunk when going over small bumps or through dips. Two days ago, I replaced the rotors and brake pads, both of which were somewhat worn, but certainly not bad. After I did that, we went for a short drive and I again experienced the same noise from the front end upon braking. Again, like everyone else, it's not every time I brake that I hear this noise. Yesterday, after reading in another forum that a similar rattle/clunking noise was solved by replacing the front stabilizer bar bushings, I replaced the bushings. This solution has obviously not been time tested, but to this point, the rattle/clunking noise has been eliminated and I have not heard the grinding/rumbling noise at all. The vehicle seems much more stable in cornering and braking (before it felt like it was diving a bit) and I'm very pleased. I have no idea what connection the stabilizer bar bushings would have to the grinding/rumbling noises, but so far it seems to have done the trick. I'll keep posted to see if this helps anyone else and hopefully I don't jinx myself with this response.



November, 15, 2008 AT 12:57 AM

I had no idea where to begin to look to try to fix a grinding problem on the front right side of my van! I am relieved to hear it's not just me, and others are having the same problem.

The brakes have been replaced 3 times in the last 2 years (for some reason, my front rotors have warped 3 times! Even though i've replaced with new twice now!) I splurged for the Raybestos this time, HOPING it won't happen again, but I still have this grinding noise that I have no idea what it's coming from.

Cany anybody offer any insight? Thank you!

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