1999 Chrysler Sebring reagarding a water flood

  • 6 CYL
  • AWD
  • 133 MILES
I let my sister use my car and she had a flood around her way and the way the curve is where the car was parked the passager side was flooded with water and I drian it all out. But my radio wont come on it keeps making the stutter ssssssh noise.I really dont know what to do and I am scared becuase this id during my school final time and I dnt have a way back and forth to school. Even if I get a jump it will drive by soon as I shut it off it wnt start back up. Should I just leave it alone to dry out til friday or what
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Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 AT 6:02 PM

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What magic are you expecting to happen on Friday? Some punctuation and proofreading would be helpful, but from what I can tell, exactly how high did the water get inside the car? It would have to be pretty high to affect the radio. More likely, there are lots of complicated computers that are lower than the radio and more likely to be affected.

Not sure what jump-starting has to do with getting flooded. Can I assume the car runs then? What happens when you try to start the engine without a jump-start? Are there other things that don't work, or is it just the radio? Was it flooded with fresh or salt water? If salt water, expect a lot of electrical trouble in the future from corrosion in computer modules and wiring connectors. If fresh water, it's not quite as bad, but it still could pave the way for corrosion problems later. Ideally, the battery should be disconnected, then anywhere salt water reached should be rinsed out with fresh water, and everything should be dried out completely before reconnecting the battery. If possible, leave the doors open and set a fan to blow air through the passenger compartment and under the engine. I would expect the computers and wiring to be as dry as they're going to get before the carpeting is completely dry.

Pay close attention to the voltage gauge on the instrument cluster. If it reads lower than normal, the drive belt could simply be slipping because it is wet. That problem will go away on its own as the belt dries off. If the battery was under water, the acid could have gotten diluted. They're sealed pretty well, but they do have small vents that could let water in if it was under water a long time.

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Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 AT 1:55 AM

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