2004 Chrysler Grand Voyager



August, 15, 2009 AT 4:56 AM

Transmission problem
2004 Chrysler Grand Voyager 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

the car has been left for 4-5 months undriven; the battery is relatively new but we are unable to start the car with jump leads. A friend suggested tapping the starter motor with a hammer, but we're not sure where to locate the starter motor.

can someone suggest or help?

1 Answer



August, 20, 2009 AT 2:51 AM

So what DOES it do? If you hear one loud clunk from the starter, which is in the front, center of the engine, but it doesn't crank the engine, suspect worn solenoid contacts. Most people just replace the entire starter, but the contacts can be replaced for 20 bucks.


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