Choosing between 06 or 07 Range Rover Sport

  • 2007 LAND ROVER
  • 70 MILES
Can you please compare the following sets of range rover repairs based on cost of repair & overall condition? I greatly appreciate your help & insight on this, as I am deciding between 2 used models and have a report on each:

1. Range rover sport 2007 supercharge
- rust under car
- no cover under car
- engine: 89%, with black & blue smoke
- check shock absorbbers & tires
- hydrolic system needs fixing
- engine & gear were previously opened
- general service needed
- Diagnostic results:
-p0170 Fuel trim (bank 1)
-p0173 Fuel trim (bank 2)
-p0171 System too lean (bank 1)
-p0174 System too lean (bank 2)
-U0122 Lost communications with vehicle dynamics control module
there are other OBD2 diagnostic details, let me know if you need at something specific.

2. Range rover sport 2006 regular
- engine: 93% + black smoke
- need to do tire-wheel alignment
- check fan belt & shock absorbers
- diagnostic results:
- p2135 faulty throttle pedal position sensor
- B0001 driver's frontal stage 1- deployment control
- C1131 airsupply
other details available as well

I guess the main question is it worth getting the 2007 and dealing with all its issues, if they are considerable issues that is.

thank you
looking forward to your reply
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Friday, April 26th, 2013 AT 12:26 PM

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It'up to you whether or not you want a range rover or not. I dont' know how they can tell an engine is at 89% unless they are talking about the oil. If you check fuel pressure and it is low it may get rid of all the p codes that you see and how much to fix the hydraulics? Or what is leaking causing it. The u code could also be something else like blown fuse or shorted wire or bad battery for that matter. Any vehicle from those years ar going to have rust under them and what cover is missing? The06 I wold really look at the b code as that may mean an air bag problem and the air supply as that may have air suspension so it may mean a motor or a leak. Plus you'll probably have to replace th throttle position sensor. It's up to you. Unfortunately we have little info on range rovers so can't give a fuel pressure spec.
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Friday, April 26th, 2013 AT 3:10 PM

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