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February, 7, 2012 AT 7:11 AM

Good day

Was driving my sisters land rover. Noticed at some stage that the car was not performing but did not at this stage think anything of it. This is because I know this happened to another land rover of theirs. Only at a later stage did I notice the temperature gauge was showing hot. I was very close to my sisters place and just wanted to get the car safely to her place. This was probably an error in judgement.

The next day it was discovered that a water pipe had burst. This is what caused the car to not perform and to overheat. I would just like to know at what point does damage occur to the car engine etc after a water pipe has burst and starts to leak or has leaked out totally already? There is no way I could know that a water pipe had burst. What damage occurs and how severe is it after a pipe has burst. Of course that I drove the car further damaged the car a lot more. However I cannot see how I can be held responsible for all the damages as this is not even my car and the car was given to me in good faith and that everything would be in working order.

Also my brother in law managed to start the car the next day and even drive it a short distance. Could this also have led to even more damage? Please could you help me in this regard. I know to little about cars and what happens when. Thanking you for your answer.

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February, 7, 2012 AT 8:33 AM

Your BIL could have made it worst-the burden of proof is yours to prove-who knows maybe its you



February, 7, 2012 AT 9:27 AM

Could you perhaps give some more detail according to my actual questions please.



February, 7, 2012 AT 10:01 AM

What exactly is going on with it now-

Total lost of coolant could locked the engine up due to excessive friction-its probably running sluggish bcuz its overheating-could be leaking before you drove it to your sister's house

The next day it was discovered that a water pipe had burst. Where there any water puddle underneath the vehicle-before it was discovered that its busted-if not you probably lost all the coolant while driving.

This was probably an error in judgement. You should have pulled over and investigate before continue driving-

Sorry to say-running hot is a sign of something is wrong



February, 7, 2012 AT 10:14 AM

Hi there

As I said there was no indication as to when the water pipe burst. There was no way I could know this at all. I would like to know how quickly does damage to the engine happen once the car starts losing coolant? Is it something that happens immediately? What actually starts happening to the engine. Basically they are saying the engine needs to be rebuilt. Thanking you for your respones.



February, 7, 2012 AT 10:29 AM

To make it simple -its running hot and if its actually overheating you're damaging the internals of the engine and can ruin it and will require rebuilding or replaced-

Maybe something else that caused the water pipe to blow-could be a failed thermostat, clogged radiator and water pump-



February, 7, 2012 AT 10:35 AM

As Soon as the coolant starts to run low, several things start to happen a chain of events so to speak, temp will slowly rise coolant deprived sections in the head or heads start to rapidly over heat, as the coolant temp sensor is lower in the head it will still register temp this temp will start to rise, if the coolant loss is sever as in your case, the sensor is no longer covered in water, they only work while immersed so if the coolant loss is below the level of the sensor, the temp gauge will start to drop at this stage cylinder head temps are at critical levels and cracking can occure as well as heads start to warp, a casual glance at the gauge may only show a low temp but most modern cars will have a low coolant level sensor to alert of this danger, you would normally expect to see steam issuing from under the bonnet as coolant boils off on hot engine and exhaust, core temps will increase rapidly as coolant is diminished and sever piston damage will start to occure as pistons scuff bores due to the alloys over expanding due to increased heat, this can continue till the engine seizes, if stopped in time, the engine may re start and run for a while but the damage has already been done.

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