1999 Chevy Venture Power Sliding Door stays locked. More EL

Electrical problem
1999 Chevy Venture 163000 miles

I have a Chevy Venture where the power sliding door will not unlock. Even if you turn the power sliding option off and switch it to manual, it will still not open.

I have tried to push the lock up from the interior but it is hard and will not budge. I have tried pressing the power unlock button on the front doors and you can hear it try to unlock / the lock budges a bit but it does not unlock. Sometimes, it works correctly (when pressing the unlock button). But it is rare.

There have been a few times when I have been able to fidget it from the outside (pull the door a bit) while pushing on the lock/unlocking it from the inside a few times repeatedly and it opens. How can I get this to work like it should?

It's a good thing the van has a manual sliding door on the other side so I can still access the interior.

I don't know if it's part of a bigger problem in the car.

Sometimes the wipers go crazy and go really fast and sometimes the blades go past the windshield. I have had to roll down the window from the front seat and pull the wiper to get it to go back to its normal operating motion once it got stuck on the frame of the car. My friend's venture's wipers went crazy on a trip and the blade flew off. I'm scared of this as it can be dangerous while driving (without wipers). You can sense/see the wipers going past the normal angle of operation. I've been driving by just turning my wipers on and off as I need, trying to make do without the wipers for short periods of time. Sometimes they act like they should though.

Airbag/ABS Brake light comes on sometimes:
Sometimes, randomly/rarely, the ABS brake light has come on. It goes away after a little while. I did notice that I went over a bump once and the light came on. Is this something I need to worry about? The airbag light is random too.

The driver side power window goes down very slowly and needs help going up sometimes. Not sure if it is off track or needs a new motor. But it works if you play around with it. I just don't roll it down much.

Bulbs (usually once a year. Minor) & Radio:
The back left flasher/brake light seems to go out frequently. Also, in the interior on the radio device, Some of the buttons are lighted while some are not. I don't know why the light on only some of the buttons have stopped working but they have. They stay off consistently though so that is not an erratic problem.

Any help would be appreciated! Unemployed and on a low budget so willing to learn/try fixing myself.
Thanks in advance!
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Check with dealer or online for recall for the sliding door control module (concerning the locking mechanism). There was one at one time, it may apply to your van.

Check the socket on the buld which blows frequently. Water may be getting into the socket. Sights will inlude corrosion/rust. Check the wires where they enter the socket for burn makes.

Check windshield wiper linkages and wiper motor mounts to see if they are tight. If loose they might go past the stoppng point.

Finally, take the van to AutoZone to have the computer sanned for codes. If codes are present. Record these codes and post them here.
If they can't scan for ABS or Airbag codes you may have to take it to a shop (or high school auto shop) to have the codes read.
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