Ouch! Fuel pump replaced

August 27th 2007 I had my 2004 V6 Trailblazer (40K miles) at the Chevy dealer with a transmission concern. At times the vehicle seems stay in first gear too long under normal accelleration. Of course the vehicle would not do it for the service tech when he drove it. They kept it for two days to try and to duplicate the symptom but it never would. Meantime though, they recommended the fuel injector be flushed. My fiance said it was important and to have them do it. October 7th we're running errands when out of the blue it starts sputtering, hesitating like it's choking; getting no fuel or very little. We pull over, turn it off, sit there a moment and restart and continue driving. We go through this scenario 4x's before we decided to call a wrecker and have it towed to the dealer. Monday morning the dealer calls and says the fuel pump went out and it will cost $1000 (parts & labor) to replace. 8 hours later he calls back to ask if the fuel gauge was functioning correctly prior because it's acting irradicately. They claim sometimes when the fuel pumps goes out it damages the device that gauges the fuel level. Replacing it now will be cheaper than replacing it later. Add another $150 to the bill. After all this my question to the forum is this... Could the reason the fuel pump went out is somehow related to having the fuel injectors cleaned? I've not had a problem with this vehicle until now and just wondered if there is any connection. I can't help feeling this problem is a result of their flusing the fuel injector(s?). As I don't know the "mechanics" of all these components and if they're tied together or not, I don't want to go running off my mouth and find out they're not related. But fuel injectors & fuel pump sound related to me. Thank you for allowing my rant and would appreciate any info to dispell my belief that this was brought on by the fuel injector(s?) Flushing at the dealer or support of my belief and go back to dealer and taking this up with the service manager. Thank you. Brenda
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Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 AT 10:27 AM

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I’m sorry that happened to you
But the fuel injector is located in the intake on the engine under the hood
Fuel pump is in the fuel tank
I don’t see connection
If your fuel gauge wasn’t working correctly you may ran out of fuel!
3 years old no warranties no discount
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Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 AT 7:42 PM

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