1999 Chevy Tahoe oily leaks under Tahoe

  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 95,000 MILES
I purchased my Tahoe on 9/6/07. Since then it has started to leave oily spot on my driveway. On July 15, 2008 I took it to a nearby Chevy dealer. They performed a 90,000 service check as well replaced the ac compression and the fuel pump for a total of $2117.33. At that time they said that I had a leaking right front seal and that they would take a look at it on the 100,000 mile checkup. Since then I had been parking in my driveway but the Tahoe was leaving oily spots which is against the Home Owners Association. So I started parking in front of my house which is on a corner lot. I then got a ticket for parking in front of my house where there is a stop sign at the corner. So now I am parking on the side which is somewhat less desirable.

I want to be able to park in my driveway so I went back to the Chevy dealership on 5/21/09 to check on the leak. They told me to replace the front pinion seal for $170, rear t-case output seal for $186, reseal oil pan for $683, reseal intake for $846, and replace both front axle seals for $411 for a grand total of $2,372.50. They said that the intake seal was the most important since oil and coolant were mixing and going in the cylinders where the cylinders would burn up. They asked me if the engine was running hot. I told them no and also said that I had to add coolant to the reservoir but no oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, or brake fluid since I have had the Tahoe.

I went to the local Firestone shop and got a second opinion. They said that they located five leaks but would be only able to fix two of them, the rest of the leaks they reccommended that I go to a transmission shop. They said that they could remove and replace the oil pan gasket for #365.39 and remove the differential cover gasket for $59.98 for a total of $454.36.

I continue to drive that car. It continues to leak under the front of the engine about halfway back and halfway from the side of the engine. I check the fluids on a weekly basis and have had to add no fluids except for windsheild washer fluid as needed. I like my Tahoe and would like to keep it and wouldn't mind paying a reasonable price to fix it, but I am afraid that the loss of fluids from the leaks will someday cause a major breakdown so I am thinking of trading it in. What should I do?
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Friday, July 31st, 2009 AT 8:26 PM

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I would repair it and keep it.I have a 1996 tahoe and I replaced the engine, then two weeks later the transmission. And whie removing the cat converters one of them broke around the weld so I had to buy a new cat coverter also.I'am not complaining because I love my truck (even though I done the work myself)
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Friday, July 31st, 2009 AT 8:43 PM

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