2005 Chevy Silverado Trouble codes

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2005 Chevy Silverado 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Have a code P0507, what are the chance that it is just a dirty throttle body or actually being the IAC?
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Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 AT 5:44 PM

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Try cleaning both of them out and see what happens-

A P0507 DTC trouble code may be caused by one or more of the following:

A vacuum leak
Leaking air intake after the throttle body
EGR valve leaking vacuum
A faulty positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve
Damaged/failed/dirty throttle body
Failed EVAP system
Failed IAC (idle air controller) or faulty IAC circuit

Possible SolutionsThis DTC is more of an informational code, so if there are any other codes set, diagnose them first. If there are no other codes, inspect the intake air system for air or vacuum leaks and damage. If there are no symptoms other than the DTC itself, just clear the code and see whether it returns.

If you have an advanced scan tool that can interact with the car, command the idle higher and lower to see if the engine responds appropriately. Also check the PCV valve to see if it's blocked and needs to be replaced. Check the IAC (idle air controller) if equipped, verify it's operation. If available, try swapping in a new throttle body to see if that fixes the problem. On Nissan Altimas and possibly other vehicles the problem may be fixed by having the dealer perform an idle air relearn procedure, or other relearn procedures.
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Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 AT 8:47 PM

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