2003 Silverado C1500 EXT. CAB 4WD Z71

I have three questions with regards to this vehicle:

1. I have noticed that the steering feels less tight now than when new. Also in slight turns at moderate speed I feel light clunking or chatter in the steering wheel. The dealer said the exhaust was missing some rubber supports but this did not help. I did notice that when the truck got greased when I changed the oil it was better for a short while.

2. I notice especially when putting truck into reverse I hear a clunk and it also feels like it takes a second or two to get into reverse so I don't apply gas immediately after shifting. The 1st to 2nd gear transition is also a little choppy depending upon the traffic conditions. If I accelerate and then lift off the gas in traffic it sometimes shilfts abruptly into 2nd with a jerk.

3. Lastly with a rear tire off (driver) I pulled and pushed on the rotor and noticed slight movement in and out again with a slght clunking noise. This wasn't the rotor moving on the wheel studs it was the whole axle shaft. Is this normal play?

Tks, Bruce

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Friday, December 22nd, 2006 AT 1:49 PM

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The fuel can be a problem. I don't know what you did prior to parking it. If there was an easy way to drain the fuel that would be nice but if it is pretty low, get some fresh gas immediately for it. Check the fluid levels, make sure they are full, and normal color looking. I would change the oil before I put too many miles on it. Check the tires. They generally don't do too bad, it is the fuel that can generally cause the most problems.
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Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 AT 10:34 AM

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