2003 Chevrolet Silverado



October, 26, 2009 AT 12:19 PM

Suspension problem
2003 Chevy Silverado V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 113800 miles

The truck has a 6" lift w/315-17" wheels/tires. I believe the vibration has been there from the time the improvements were completed 113000 miles ago. I driveshaft has been checked, the wheels have been balanced many times. Thinking a wheel was bent I just replace the rims and the vibraion is still there always around 60-70 mph. Sometimes it is felt around 30. Would it be possible the rotors could be bad from the factory. I have not replaced the brake pads or the resurfaced the rotors and must say the brakes still look very good and the rotors are still very smooth. Where's my problem? I have lived with this for the last 6 yrs.

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Service Writer

October, 26, 2009 AT 8:11 PM

Hey John!

At 800 miles the modifications were done?

Who did the work?

What did they say about it?

The brake pad and rotors are original?
I'm just saying that the longest I have seen pads go (and the rotors were getting weak) was a chevy trailblazer (I think), at 65,000.

I think that it is possible for the rotors to do this, but I would think that you would have a pulstation when braking.

Does this happen upon acceleration, cruise, braking?

If you rub you hands across the tire on the outside tread, and inside tread is there any choppiness to any tires or are they all smooth.



October, 27, 2009 AT 11:26 PM

-Modifications done around 2K

-The people are no longer in business. I had the lift inspected for proper installation by a company that was recommended by the lift company and everything checked out OK. A couple of times during the rebalancing trouble was with one of the tires but the through was the rim was bent. This is the second set of tires and the vibration is still there.

-Yes the pads and rotors are original at 113800 miles and still look in good condition.

-There is some pulstation when braking but not real noticeable. I thought it was natural.

-The vibration happens at cruising between 60-70 mph.

-Just put on new rim and it could even be worst. The tires were checked and the tread wear is very good. Using the same tires as before which I got almost 85K so I do take care of them and do very little off roading.


Service Writer

October, 28, 2009 AT 4:57 AM

This is what I would do, unless you have already.
Pull off a bracket the traps the pads. (pull off caliper first) I'm hedging that the pads are not moving freely in the bracket. IF I am right, then sevice them by cleaning the bracket, the tin clips and lubing with a quality grease.

The pictures above are not exact as yours but you get the idea.

I assume this is 4 wheel disc.
Do the same in the rear and pull the rotors as well to make sure the parking brake shoe isn't binding in the hat portion of the rotor.

ANy time I have bought pads for these trucks, the area
circled on them had to be ground more open to allow for them to move as they should.

Since you have a pulsation, don't cut the rotors discard them, making them thinner will cause the pulsation to be worse as they can not disapate the heat well. My personal preference is the ultra premium napa rotors and adaptive one pads, they should be done in pairs. I expect the pads are seized in the brackets.

You can try the cleaning and lubing first to see if it changes the vibration, but if it was mine and I have it apart, I would want to eliminate the possiblilty.

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