2006 Chevy Monte Carlo Remote Start

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 51,000 MILES
Hi Folks,
I just bought an 06 Monte Carlo. The Keyless entry remotes are missing. The dealer looked at the VIN and said it also had remote start. I bought a remote and programmed it myself. Now, the door lock, trunk and panic buttons all work, but when I try the remote start, it flashes the lights twice but does not start teh car.
Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, December 6th, 2008 AT 9:00 PM

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Hello - Bob

I have attached info on the keyless start for you. Actually all of it.

Not sure if you are pressing the buttons in the right order to start.

If you are, then if you notice there may be DTC codes stored that is preventing the car from starting.

You may consider going to Auto Zone (AZ) or O'Reilly's (OR) and for FREE they can pull the codes to the car. Most important: Once they check your codes, if they find something and you don't get it fixed and need to get back with us, please make sure you tell us exactly what the code was, number and all. Example, if the code was E0568 O2 Sensor bad. Then make sure you give us all of that. While there for FREE also they can bring their tester out and check your battery, alternator and starter.

If you need more assistance please let me know if your vehicle engine size in liter and the 8th digit of your VIN. Also is this a LS, LT, LTZ or a SS.

Description and Operation


The keyless entry system is a supplementary vehicle entry device. Radio frequency interference or discharged batteries may disable the system.

Keyless entry allows you to operate the following features:

The door locks
The rear compartment lid release-Press and release rear release button to activate.
The illuminated entry lamps
The panic alarm
Remote start
The keyless entry system has the following main components:

The transmitters
The body control module (BCM)
The remote control door lock receiver (RCDLR)-When you press a button on the transmitter, the transmitter sends a signal to the RCDLR. The RCDLR receives the signal and sends a X Link serial data message requesting the appropriate function from the BCM.
Unlock Driver Door Only
Momentarily press the UNLOCK button in order to perform the following functions:

Unlock the driver door only.
Illuminate the interior lamps for approximately 20 seconds or until the ignition is turned ON.
Flash the park lamps if the ignition is turned OFF and the doors are closed.
Identify the driver to the radio-The radio will then revert to the station presets, the last station, the last volume settings, and the last playback mode used by that driver.
Unlock All Doors - Second Operation
Momentarily press the UNLOCK button a second time, within 5 seconds of the first press, in order to perform the following functions:

Unlock all of the doors.
Illuminate the interior lamps for approximately 20 seconds or until the ignition is turned ON.
Lock All Doors
Press the LOCK button in order to perform the following functions:

Lock all of the doors.
Immediately turn OFF the interior lamps.
Flash the park lamps if the ignition is OFF and the doors are closed.
Chirp the horn if the ignition is OFF and the doors are closed.
Panic Alarm Function
A single press of the panic button performs the following functions:

Illuminates the interior lamps
Pulses the horn
Flashes the daytime running lamps for 2 minutes or until the following conditions occur:
The panic button is pressed again.
The ignition switch is turned to the RUN position with a valid key.
Remote Vehicle Start
The Remote Vehicle Start function allows the customer to start the vehicle while not in the car. It also allows starting up the vehicle heating or air conditioning system and other vehicle systems to provide the customer with a comfortable vehicle when they enter it. The distance the customer can be away from the vehicle and operate this feature has a design requirement of 150 meters. The Remote Vehicle Start feature is started by the customer pressing and releasing the lock button and then pressing and holding the remote vehicle start (RVS) buttons on their key fob. The turn signal lamps will flash if this feedback is enabled on to indicate the vehicle has received the Remote Start Request. Each time the customer does a remote vehicle start, the vehicle doors are locked, however they may then be unlocked/locked with the key fob or key at anytime. Once the vehicle has been started, there is visible feedback. There are vehicle conditions which will prevent a remote start, for example if the hood is not closed or the key is in the ignition. The Remote Vehicle Start feature once activated is allowed to run for 10 minutes. At any time during this 10 minute time the 10 minute time-out can be reset once. This feature is called a Remote Vehicle Start Continue. This allows a maximum of 20 minutes of engine running via the Remote Vehicle Start feature without a reset. If the Remote Vehicle Start Continue is done at 7 minutes into the initial 10 minute time-out, a total of 17 minutes of engine running would occur. A remote vehicle start, once active, can be stopped by pressing a dedicated RVS button on the key fob or by pressing the Vehicle Hazard switch located inside the vehicle. The following will also abort a remote start, using an invalid passkey, force rotating the ignition, force shifting out of park. Remote start will also be stopped if any DTCs that turn ON the SES/MIL are stored in history or current status.

Customer Programming Method for Enabling/Disabling the RVS Feature
Using the driver information center (DIC), the remote vehicle start (RVS) feature can be DISABLED and ENABLED just like other items programmable via the DIC.

Remote Vehicle Start Features That Allow A Remote Vehicle START/CONTINUE

The remote vehicle start (RVS) feature must be enabled.
A remote vehicle start request command is received by the body control module (BCM).
The hood ajar switch status is closed.
The number of remote start attempts is less than 3.
The key is not in the ignition.
The remote start voltages are within proper operating ranges 6-16 volts.
There are no DTCs or serial data communication failures with RVS related systems.
The transmission status is Park/Neutral and the vehicle speed is zero.
Conditions to Stop A Remote Vehicle Start

Hood ajar switch status is - OPEN.
Inserting the key in the ignition and turning the key to any non-off power modes, and returning the key to the OFF position
The remote vehicle start (RVS) time has elapsed or timed out.
The RVS master receives a run abort message from the powertrain control module (PCM).
Hazard shutoff switch status is - ACTIVE.
By content theft deterrent (CTD) system, if equipped, and alarm status becomes Violated
RVS system voltage out of range, under 6 volts or over 16 volts
DTCs set for any related systems, or serial data communication failure for any modules that support the RVS function
If the RVS master stops a remote vehicle start for any of these conditions, further remote vehicle starting is not allowed until a RVS RESET has occurred.

A RVS Reset occurs when, in an ignition switch vehicle, the key is inserted and rotated into the Run position, power mode of RUN is seen, and PCM Vehicle Theft Fuel Continue is received over serial data and passes VTD criteria.

This action results in resetting the RVS counters to MAX starts allowed and the RVS Attempts to 0.
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Saturday, December 6th, 2008 AT 9:58 PM
Thanks for the quick response.
I did have an error code at the time. I just replaced the fuel system vent valve and it takes a few days for the error to clear. As soon as the error cleared, the remote start worked.
Thanks a million, you guys are great!
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Sunday, December 7th, 2008 AT 3:14 PM
Hello -

Great.....glad it worked out and is working for you.

Hey, one more thing to assist you...

Looks like you may have some recalls on your vehicle. The dealer may fix these for free. Please contact the dealer service department, give them the VIN number of your car and have them check on these to see if they apply to you.


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Sunday, December 7th, 2008 AT 6:59 PM
I am having the same problem with my 2006 Montel carlo LT 3.5L. The turn signal lights flash when I push the rms Button, but the car will not start or turn over. Is this becuase the check light is on? Is it a different problem?
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Friday, December 3rd, 2010 AT 3:27 PM

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