Key Fob Reprogram

Step by step guide on how to reprogram an automotive key/door remote for GM Ford and Honda

Difficulty Scale: 1 of 10

Step 1

  • Ignition switch to "run" position, try to start and let key return to "run" position
  • Approx ten minutes security light will go off
  • Turn key "off" and wait 5 seconds
  • Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 relearns.
  • Turn key off, then start it
Step 2

  • Enter permanent factory code
  • Press the 1/2 button within 5 seconds to enter programming mode
  • Within 5 seconds enter new code, doors will lock, unlock to verify code, this erases previous codes. Remotes will also need to be programmed.
Step 3

  • Insert key, turn ignition off-to-on eight times in succession, ending with key in on position doors will lock, unlock to verify in programming mode
  • Press any button on new remote, doors will lock, unlock to verify
  • Do the previous step with the second remote, doors will lock unlock to verify.
  • Turn ignition switch off. Doors will again lock, unlock to verify.

  • Turn ignition switch "ON" for at least 6 seconds.
  • Locate DLC (diagnostic connector) near right side of steering column.
  • Install jumper wire from pin #13 (orange wire, labels are small but they are on connector, use flashlight) to ground.
  • Turn the key on, engine off. Observe shift select buttons. If they all blink once at the same time there are no trouble codes.
  • Otherwise the light will blink (codes are 1-4 flashes) with a 3 second delay between codes if there are more than 1.
  • Run the codes if any are present repair as needed.

  • Erase the sliding door trouble codes by removing the # 13 (7.5) fuse from the passenger's under-dash fuse box for 10 seconds.
  • Then put the fuse back in.
  • Turn off the main door switch; make sure that the ignition switch is off.
  • Manually open the sliding door and make sure it's fully open.
  • Turn the ignition switch on, then turn on the door switch.
  • Push and hold the CLOSE side of the dashboard door switch for that door until the door is fully closed.
  • Try the door operation with the dashboard door switch, the remote and the door handles.
Helpful Information

A remote can perform many functions such as lock and unlock car doors, start the engine, roll up windows and much more. When a key fob is lost or becomes out of sync with the car receiver module, reprogramming is necessary.

Common Problems

  • Key fob remote battery goes dead and needs replacement
  • Moister damage
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