1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo



July, 11, 2007 AT 11:35 AM

Hi. I am a proud owner of a 1996 chevy monte carlo Z34. It has 80,000 miles and runs pretty well. This car is equipped with a Chapman auto alarm system installed by the dealer. Recently, and approximately twice a week, my car wont start when I turn the ignition. I discovered that In order to start the car, I have to disengage the alarm, play with the toggle switch, then engage the alarm. I wait for it to reset, wait about a minute to pass than try the ignition again. It usually starts if not I go through this process again and it starts. I am thinking its the alarm. My mechanic does not beleive it is the starter or ignition system but otherwise is unable to disgnose the issue. What do you suggest? Thank you in advance!


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September, 27, 2007 AT 11:29 AM

I have a similar problem with my 1996 Monte Carlo, I have a after market auto start alarm in it but never use it, once in awhile when I turn the key, I have power everywhere else and hear a clicking noise in the dash but no start, After turning the key on and off several times it finally starts with no problem. I even tried to shift from park to neutral and back with no luck. If you know of a solution I would love to hear it.



September, 28, 2007 AT 10:41 PM

Since no one got back to me from this site, and since I was completely frustrated with my car not starting I took the car to an auto alarm installation and repair center. They originally diagnosed the problem as being the kill switch in the alarm. They recommended I remove the alarm system, and if I wanted replace it with a new alarm system. I agreed. Prior to them removing the alarm they decided to run some diagnostics. They discovered that the alarm was working properly. After about fours hours of additional diagnostics they concluded that the vehicles anti-theft device module (which is located behind the dashboard) was the culprit. A new replacement part ($285) was ordered and installed. What was supposed to take four hours tunred into a day and half of work at a cost of $575. When I went to pick up the car, it would not start. They then said it must be a secondary issue. A day later, they informed me that the replacement part went bad. They said that with electronic parts if they are going to go bad they go bad immediately. They ordered a new part again and replaced it again. They did not charge me for the additional diagnostics and repairs. I am happy to report that now my car starts everyday without any issues (kock on wood). I highly recommend the professionals I took it to. They were a father and son team and very honest.

I never heard a clicking sound with my car though. When I turned the key it would not do anything, however I did have power. Your issue might be the starter or battery.

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