2000 Chevrolet Impala



March, 23, 2007 AT 10:44 PM

Is there any way I could get my window to roll up without the switch working? It rolls down but wont roll up im waiting for the switch to arrive but in the meantime is there any other way for my window to roll up

2 Answers



March, 24, 2007 AT 6:51 AM

As long as the window is not all the way down you could force it up with your hands while someone else operates
the switch.



March, 27, 2007 AT 11:08 AM

Considering i'm a girl and have little experience on cars I went out there and did some research (wink wink) and managed to get my window to roll up now all I have to do is wait for my switch to arrive but in the mean time I got the window to roll up by switching some parts i'm soo happy : D

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