Brakes keep locking up.

I have a 1996 Corsica with about 120,000 miles on it. There is something seriously wrong with the ABS (the car would brake and then release and not break again even though someone was pressing down on the break pedal continuously. So the car would just roll right through stop signs!) That I cannot afford to have fixed. My dad pulled the fuse for the ABS and he said that it would just have normal brakes. Well, that's fine. At least its better than what it was doing before. Anyway, the brakes squeak really loudly and they lock up while driving. They don't lock up while breaking suddenly though. Its different. I'll be driving along (especially right after I've started the car for the first time in the morning) and I will barely tap the breaks to slow down or whatever. Well, the brakes will just suddenly fully lock and I'll leave skid marks on the road even if I'm only going 15 mph. My husband replaced the brake pads/shoes and he turned the rotators, and he can't figure out what's causing the problem. I think it is one of the rear tires that is doing most of the locking up though. Any ideas?
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Sunday, July 1st, 2007 AT 10:53 PM

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I have this same problem with the same car and miles that I can not figure out. I will not let my family ride in this car anymore because I am affraid the breaks will fail completely.

It seems this problem is alwasy right after it starts. You can barely press the break and the left rear tire will lock up or pulse like anti lock brakes do. I also have just replaced the front calipers, rotors and pads on this car. Can anyone help us, Please

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Thursday, July 19th, 2007 AT 9:50 AM

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