2004 Chevy Cavalier clutch line

Transmission problem
2004 Chevy Cavalier 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

how do you replace the clutch line on 2004 cavalier. Or how do you remove transmission to get to slave unit?
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Thursday, June 10th, 2010 AT 2:46 PM

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Removal Procedure
Disconnect the negative and positive battery cable ends from the battery.
Remove the retaining bolt and the battery.
Remove the washer solvent container.
Install the engine support fixture.
Raise the engine enough to take pressure off of the transaxle mounts.
Remove the air inlet duct.
Remove the wire harness from the upper transaxle mount bracket.
Remove the upper transaxle mount bolts.

Remove the negative battery cable from the transaxle housing.

Remove the starter.
Disconnect the pressure line from the clutch actuator cylinder.

Disconnect the backup light switch connector.

Remove the rear transaxle mount bolts.

Disconnect the vehicle speed sensor (VSS).

Remove the upper transaxle mounting bolts.

Disconnect the shift cables at the transmission shift control and the bracket.
Remove the cable bracket bolt and the bracket.

Remove the rack and pinion mounting bolts.

Raise and support the vehicle.
Remove the tire and wheel assemblies.
Remove the front fender liners.
Remove the front suspension crossmember.
Leave the steering rack in the vehicle.
Remove the flywheel support arm bracket from the flywheel cover to engine lower mount.
Remove the flywheel housing cover bolts.
Remove the flywheel housing cover.
Remove the drive axles from the transmission.
Secure the drive axles out of the way.
Remove the engine strut from the bracket.
Remove the front lower transaxle mount through-bolt.

Attach the transaxle case to the support stand.

Support the engine with a suitable axle jack.

Remove the transaxle-to-engine mount bolts.

Use the following procedure in order to remove the transmission:
Slide the transaxle away from the engine.
Carefully lower the trans axle jack.
Remove the transaxle.
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