1974 Chevy Camaro Vehicle not shutting off

Electrical problem
1974 Chevy Camaro 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

When I turn the key to shut the engine off it does not shut off. I would have to turn it all the way back past lock to shut it off. Then I could not get the key out. Turn it forward to release the key and everything lights up as in the "ON" posotion. Now turning it all the way back won't work, I got it to stop by releasing the clutch and stalling but it wll not shut off so of course now the battery is dead. Does this have to do with the cylinder lock or the ignition switch. My manual says to get to the switch I have to drop the steering column.
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Remove the steering wheel and the directional signal switch. It is not necessary to pull the wiring harness out of the column. See the applicable procedures described earlier in this section.
Place the lock cylinder in LOCK (up to 1970), or RUN (1971-81).
Insert a small prytool into the turn signal housing slot. Keeping the prytool to the right side of the slot, break the housing flash loose and depress the spring latch at the lower end of the lock cylinder. Remove the lock cylinder.
Considerable force may be necessary to break this casting flash, but be careful not to damage any other parts. When ordering a new lock cylinder, specify a cylinder assembly. This will save assembling the cylinder washer, sleeve, and adaptor.
To install:
Hold the lock cylinder sleeve and rotate the knob clockwise against the stop. Insert the cylinder into the housing, aligning the key and keyway. On 1969-76 cars hold a 0.070 in. drill between the lock bezel and the housing. On 1977-81 cars, push the cylinder into abutment of cylinder and sector. Rotate the cylinder counterclockwise, maintaining a light pressure until the drive section of the cylinder mates with the sector. Push in until the snapring pops into the grooves. Remove the drill. Check the operation of the cylinder. Install the direction signal switch and steering wheel.


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