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April, 30, 2007 AT 12:02 PM

I have a 90 beretta 3.1L v6 and it is running terrible, it idles really rough and pours black smoke out of the tail pipe, I am certain this is a over fueling problem, I am thinking it is a bad o2 sensor.


Black Smoke Coming From Exhaust




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May, 15, 2007 AT 11:11 PM

Sounds like u need a complete fuel system cleaning. Check first the throttle body. If its black instead of a nice shiny silver color. Thats ur first clue. U can get throttle body cleaner to squirt into the throttle body from walmart or autozone. After u spray a good amount in there (with car off) opening throttle valve to get in there too. Start ur engine (its going to be really rough starting) just keep keying it to til it starts then rev rev rev. Let it idle for a min on its own. Rev a bit longer if it wants to die but dont turn it off til it idles on its own. Then spray some more in there and repeat til its a silver color.

U might want to try some fuel injection cleaners too. As for a complete clean. U have to take it to a shop as far as I know. Some kind of a special machine does it.

This is just an idea. Im not a mechanic but I know a bit about berettas since the 88 I had was my first car and I had to swap engines. (Not to mention fix quite a few other things) I made a habit of keeping a tool box and extra fluids in my trunk.

Black smoke could be a number of things as far as I know. U might want to check ur fuel pump and filter too. Make sure its holding the correct pressure and the filter is clean. I dont think a bad O2 senser would cause black smoke and if its bad im pretty sure u would get a code from ur computer. Autozone does free coding last I checked. Run it in there and have em look at it and they could prolly give u more pointers than what I can do

good luck



May, 16, 2007 AT 12:25 AM

Thank you, but I have since fixed the problem, it was a vaccum line that had come off then I had taken off the intake manifold, I was sure I had put all the vaccum lines back on but I was mistaken, thank you for your input.



May, 16, 2007 AT 7:49 AM

Ur welcome sorry I couldnt help more at least not before u fixed it : P

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