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Drive Train Axles Bearings problem
2003 Chevy Astro 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 15000 miles

I can feel binding in the drive train especially when making low speed turns.

My Chevy dealer thinks it is the transfer case and that a change of the transfer case fluid would be their first avenue to attempt resolution.

A local 4WD specialty shop says it is the " Viscous Coupler" inside the transfer case.

My local dealer says the only viscous coupler is on the front drive axles.

Who, if not both is confused and/or correct?

What do I really need to do to attempt to remedy the problem I am having with the vehicle (short of just trading it off)?



Friday, October 10th, 2008 AT 2:58 PM

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Hi the prblem that you are having with your transferase is pretty common. What happens in your transfercase is there are cluthes and when you turn the cluthces are supposed to slip so your front tires don't bind with the rears when turning on dry pavement. When the fluid gets bad or transfercase is worn it will bind. My reccomendation would be to first have the transfercase flushed and fluid change make sure the use proper fluid it is important. The fluid is auto trak II.

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Saturday, October 11th, 2008 AT 7:36 PM

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