Car will not start

  • 2006 CHRYSLER 300
  • 3.7L
  • 4WD
  • 180,000 MILES
A couple weeks ago I noticed that it would jerk and once or twice and then it wouldn't go over 40 miles an hour but it only did it every once in awhile. Then recently went to go pick up my husband from work and I got around the corner it shut off on me so I put it in park and I started it idling and everything but as soon as I put it in drive or reverse it would shut off. I finally got it to start long enough to get it home. Now it won't start it stutters like it wants to but it won't. I thought somebody put something in my gas tank so I emptied my gas put new gas in and it's still doing the same thing.
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Monday, February 22nd, 2021 AT 4:03 PM

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I have a feeling you lost fuel pressure due to a faulty fuel pump. What you need to start with is this. First, see if it starts for a couple of seconds using starting fluid. If it does, then stalls, we know it is a fuel-related issue.

Or, here is a link that shows in general how fuel pressure is tested:

Since it stutters like it is trying to start, I don't think it is ignition-related. However, if it doesn't start with starting fluid for a couple of seconds, here is a link that explains how to check for ignition spark:

Here are directions specific to your vehicle for testing fuel pressure. Note this is for a 2.7L You indicated it is a 3.7 and that doesn't exist. It's either a 2.7, a 3.5, or a 5.7. If I got the wrong engine, let me know.

Let me know what you find or if you have other questions.

Take care and God Bless,

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Monday, February 22nd, 2021 AT 6:06 PM

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