2001 Cadillac El Dorado



June, 15, 2007 AT 8:21 PM

My Cadillac Eldorado Northstar is having a high idle problem. It started about 2 weeks ago. I was driving and noticed that the vehicle was not decelerating normally. I had to use additional brake pressure to stop the car. When I placed the transmission in neutral, the RPM jumped up to 1500 RPM. I stepped on the acelerator and it stayed at 2200 RPM briefly and then went back down to 1500. I pulled over, turned the engine off and let it set for a few minutes. I started it back up and it idled normally.

Today I started the vehicle up in the morning in my garage. It was in " Park" and it went to 1500 RPM immediatly (like normal) and stayed there (not normal). When I stepped briefly on the accelerator it stayed briefly at 2000-2200 RPM and then came back down to 1500-1600 RPM. It will not go to its normal idle speed of 700 RPM. Please advise.

1. 2001 Cadillac Eldorado ETC
2. 30,000 mi.
3. Automatic transmission
4. 2 wheel drive
5. Strange sounds - None
6. Fluid leaks - None
7. No past repair history other than normal periodic mainytenance.

2 Answers



August, 13, 2007 AT 3:55 PM

See if the throttle cable is sticking.
Check temp sensor, has fuel consumption increased?



September, 17, 2007 AT 3:56 PM

Merlin you need to go back to school and learn something, you are a clown. I dont know what kinda cars you have been working on, stay away from cadillacs

1 thing was right check the accel cable, clean the gunk off the throttle plate in the intake ( where the cable hooks too ) if that doesnt do it scan for codes?

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