Burnt out clutch

  • 1.4L
  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 36,000 MILES
Basically I was driving to my missus house the other day and I parked up outside after staying there for about half an hour I tried to restart my engine the engine started fine however I put it into gear releasing the clutch and pressing accelerator with nothing to happen. The car lunged forward about 30 cm and then was acting as if I was in neutral. I could then raise the clutch fully without a stall. After phoning the AA they couldn't fix on site, however he advised me it was most likely the flywheel. I then had to get the AA again to pick the car up the next morning. The man also said it was most likely the flywheel, however it was transferred to the garage I bought it from where they have said is in need of a brand new clutch as mine is completely burnt out. They quoted me £257 including labor which I know is quite cheap. However, is a car of any 37,000 miles. Really likely to have the clutch burnt out in such a drastic way also the seems quite out of place as a clutch damage doesn't normally cause the symptoms that I've had. It can go in and out of gear seems fine jump forward a little bit when the clutch is released. However, then just sit there idling in first gear with the clutch fully up. Any advice by anyone? Thank you
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Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 AT 10:32 AM

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Hello and thank you for using 2CarPros.

35,000 is low mileage to lose a clutch but it is not unheard of. There are many things that can wear out a clutch early.

1. Using your car to teach some one to drive a standard can take a lot off a clutch.

2. Letting the car sit for a long period of time the flywheel will rust, especially near the ocean. When you drive it again the rust is like sand paper on the clutch.

3. Bad habits such as using the clutch to hold the car in place at a stop light.

4. It is also common for the springs in the clutch to break which causes more wear on it.

5. A warped flywheel will also wear out a clutch sooner.

These are a few things that can cause that. Please let us know what it ends up being.

Thanks, Rich
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Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 AT 10:29 PM

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