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October, 1, 2007 AT 11:21 PM

My 1988 buick riviera 3.8L 3800 engine keeps Idleing on acceleration and stalling from time to time. I change the fuel filter, air filter, distributor coil, spark plugs and wires, I also changed mass air sensor but nothing, engine only runs a little smoother but I still get stallling and Idling even sometimes when car is in park. I checked the fule pressure and gas shoots up out the valve. I also can hear fuel pump working when key is turned. And also my seatbelt warning stoped working at the same time. I aslo used fuel injector cleaner and still no change. And there is no check engine light either. Can someone please help me out I will gladly appreciate it.


Dies On Idle


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October, 2, 2007 AT 1:17 AM

I checked the fule pressure and gas shoots up out the valve. Wrong! That's the wrong way on checking fuel pressure-you need a fuel pressure gauge to check. The EFI is very picky on fuel pressure. Not right it might refuse to start

Comeback with the actual fuel pressure in the system before we can continue-I need to know this. So that I can re-evaluate your problem is to whether its a fuel or ignition problem.



October, 4, 2007 AT 10:49 AM

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From: Juali
To: rasmataz
Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 7: 41 am
Subject: stumbling on acceleration
When I changed Maf sensor the engine stoped idleing in park or in any position when not accelerating. But when I rev the engine or try to take off it starts stubling on acceleration. There is no check engine light and I just changed the control module and coil so what should I do next?

Next step check the IACV and TPS and also check the EGR

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