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  • 1990 BUICK REGAL
Electrical problem
1990 Buick Regal 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

1 Does a 90 Buick Regal have an airbag and if not do I need special tools to replace the switch. Can you tell me how or send me to a site for repairs.

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Some were equipped and some weren't. You will just have to check the steering wheel and see. It will say "SRS" or "Airbag" something similar on the horn pad of the steering wheel. Replacement steps for your vehicle's signal switch are below.

Tool No. J35689A or equivalent, is required to remove the terminals from the connector on the turn signal switch.

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Remove the steering wheel,
3. Pull the turn signal cancelling cam assembly from the steering shaft.
4. Remove the hazard warning knob-to-steering column screw and the knob.

Before removing the turn signal assembly, position the turn signal lever so the turn signal assembly to steering column screws can all be removed.

5. Remove the column housing cover-to-column housing bowl screw and the cover. If equipped with cruise control, unplug the cruise control electrical connector.
6. Remove the turn signal lever-to-pivot assembly screw and the lever; one screw is in the front and one is in the rear.
7. Using the terminal remover tool No. J 35689A or equivalent, label and unplug the wires F and G on the connector at the buzzer switch assembly from the turn signal switch electrical harness connector.
8. Remove the turn signal switch-to-steering column screws and remove the switch.
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