Brakes make a screech noise, not consistent or as loud as other times

  • 2.4L
  • 4 CYL
  • 130,000 MILES
A few months back I decided to do some maintenance on my girlfriend's car listed above S model. I did as much work as I could with what I had, with the help of her cousin (who normally does do the maintenance on the car to begin with), I knew absolutely that the shocks and struts needed to be replaced along with the oil, spark plugs, PCV valve, brakes, and rotors. Bought everything brand new we had no hiccups, errors, nothing, yet even though we have done all that the brakes are still making a bad screeching sound and it gets worse the longer it’s driven. Her cousin and I both took each tire off and checked all of the brakes for any type of bad wearing of the brake pads, which looks like they are all still almost brand new, we looked for an indication of inconsistencies of the wearing rotors which none can be found, we looked for dirt or dust on the brake pads and the rotors there’s nothing, there is no indication of anything wrong with the brakes except for normal wear and tear on the brakes, so both him and I are at a loss, so please is there anyone that can help me out?
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Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 AT 10:27 AM

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This could be a sticking caliper issue.
Usually, a caliper will stick for internal malfunction of the caliper of a collapsed brake hose. When a brake hose collapses it does not allow the caliper piston to retract back into the housing. This makes the pads to rub against the rotors.
When a caliper sticks it typically generates excess heat due to all the friction.

When does it make the noise? When you press the brake or as the vehicle drives down the road?

Did this issue exist before the replacement of the pads?

Please let me know what you are experiencing.

Thank you.
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Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 AT 1:42 PM

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