Brakes starts getting tighter and tighter after we drive the car for a few miles

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We got it six months ago and since then having issues. A month ago the service light was on and when checked with the mechanic he said the sensor was bad and replaced the sensor. After he replaced it the service light went off but since then a new problem started, the brakes starts getting tighter and tighter after we drive the car for a few miles and generally the car moves even without accelarating but when this problem starts up the car would just not move and if we acccelarate it, its as if we are putting a lot pressure on it and moves on a speed as low and 20 or 30 and makes a rough sound. And if we continue to drive like that then the steering wheel starts to shake. We showed this to the mechanic he said that when the brakes get tighter the wheels get locked and we are forcing it to move when we accelarate. So he replace the Brake booster still nogo. Now he is saying that we need to replace the brake master cylinder. Please let us know the solution we have checked with many of them and some of them don get to identify the issue at all becoz this problem comes up the first time we take the car out in a day. After once the problem has come if we stop the car for an hour or so and start it back again, it ll be normal so some of the mechanics don get to even find an issue.
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Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 AT 8:25 PM

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This happens when the brake booster push rod is adjusted out too far which does no allow the brake master to return fully holding the brakes on. To confirm the issue loosen the brake master mounting bolts 3 turns to see if the car starts to roll again, if so remove the master and adjust the booster push rod inward. Also a brake flex hose can come apart internally causing a short of check valve in the system but this is usually isolated to one brake either front or rear. Check the brake booster push rod to brake pedal adjustment. If there is insufficient clearance, brake fluids cannot return to the reservoir and when the brake fluids heats up, it would cause the the brakes to drag and eventually seize.
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Thursday, October 25th, 2012 AT 4:30 PM

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