2000 BMW 740



December, 28, 2009 AT 7:30 AM

Engine Performance problem
2000 BMW 740 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 200000 miles

Starting over with this problem and will be as specific as I know how to be

Car ran well but leaked oil so I decided to make it worse.

Recently I changed the valve cover and upper timing cover gaskets, water pump and serp and AC belts.

Upon restart, there is now a lot of dark smoke (oil) coming from exhaust for ten seconds at start-up. Seems to not smoke after that.

My 2 guesses and questions:

1 - Because of the oil leak, I had accidentally overfilled the crankcase after installing the gaskets by about a quart and a half, but drove the car only 10 miles before noticing that, and removed it. Probably only 40 MPH top speed and only a few minutes of driving. Thought I may have blown valve seals, but seems too little to do that.

Question 1: Is it likely I could I blow a valve seal that fast?

2 - Other issue - could I have damaged the OSV or tube while doing the gasket replacements? I checked the oil dip stick and there is NO VACUUM there on operation. That is the only test I know.

Question 2: Could it still be OSV related (I Hope) because I disturbed something there when working on it even though when I check the oil dip stick tube there is NO SUCTION there?

Could it be something I haven't thought of?



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Dr Loot

January, 17, 2010 AT 9:11 PM

First of all black smoke is not oil burning, it is excessive fuel, second of all, if you have no VACUUM in the dipstick tube, it is probably the PCV valve located behind the intake manifold make sure all hoses are hook up.



January, 18, 2010 AT 6:22 AM

BMW 7 has an oil seperator valve behind the intake manifold, not a PCV - similar, but different. It was not black smoke, it was bluish. Black is fuel, white is water, blue is oil - it was oil.

I waited three weeks for a response here and finally gave up and went to a BMW dealer for a diagnosis who confirmed my own - blown valve seals. Can I bvelieve them? I don't know that either, but they did check the OSV, and I had narrowed it down to that or the seals.

I am willing to pay for information, but the responses here were so vague and contridictory, that they were virtually useless to me. It seems you give just enough infirmation to offer a hint, but are careful to offer only enough detail so your advice can't really be useful in a practicle way.

You said " NO VACUUM" is a sign of a bad PCV (oil seperator in this case) Others said VACUUM at dip stick was the sign, and NO VACUUM indicated it was fine. Which diametrically opposed opinoipn am I to believe?

I was originally excited to find this site, but now am very disappointed with the advice given here. I have started ripping down my engine to replace valve seals based on a BMW shop diagnosis. I doubt that I will ask any questions here about it because I don't really expect to receive an answer that could be helpful.


Disappointed with this site in Pensacola
Maybe BMWs are just too complicated


Dr Loot

January, 18, 2010 AT 1:06 PM

Mr. Chris (cmbarra),
you now forced me to become " Paul Drake" (Perry Mason's private investigator) have you ever heard of being set up? After reviewing all of your posts, I realized that your question had already been asked and answered, on or about December 23, 2009, were you in fact failed to take the advice of two expert technicians, Dr. Hagerty and heifetz17, stipulated to the fact that you did not take their advice and reposted the same question, it's called " manipulation of the site" Furthermore, if you disagreed with the first diagnosis you should've went somewhere else and got a second opinion, instead of causing the technicians to waste their precious time. I answered your question incorrectly on purpose to see your modus operandi, which was conclusive in your last response. You are not interested in any advice you are just being argumentative, and we do not have time for this. BMWs are in fact very complicated but you are more complicated.
NOW THEREFORE; my advice to you is to get a psychological evaluation to determine your state of mind as to why you won't accept the correct answer or the wrong answer to your questions. When a person shows their anger, they show a great weakness within themselves. Like my older brother says, " people have ears but they cannot hear, they have eyes, but they can not see.&Quot; It is not what goes into your mouth that condemns you, it's what comes out of your mouth. Remember what God said " thou shalt not speak guile".
IT IS SO ORDERED; Oral arguments are denied and this case be dismissed with prejudice.

This is a personal case and 2carpros. Com does not takes responsibility for this post by Dr. Loot.

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