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So my car listed above jxi convertible is stuck in anti-theft mode or the red security light continues to flash. It did not come with a fob. Occasionally the alarm would go off when I had a passenger as I unlocked it by turning twice to the left and not the power lock switch inside the vehicle oh, and the passenger door was opened. It always would turn off the alarm if I shut the doors lock it with the key and then unlock or turn to unlock position twice. Time to time when I unlock it with the key when returning to center it would lock itself again so I had to turn counterclockwise towards the front multiple times, I've done a lot of research and tried a lot and believe it may have something to do with the reader for the key in the door whatever it is called. So the car actually runs however the headlights flash the horn goes off and the interior lighting flashes. For the time being I simply pulled the horn relay and the headlight relay leaving the small matter flashing dome light along with other Interiors. In idle after 5 minutes or so sometimes after driving a little bit the dome light stop flashing on and off at which point none of my gauges have working light which at night time can be a problem as I have a Leadfoot and don't realize what I'm doing a hundred. I know I can pull the number five fuse located inside the vehicle but that turns off my radio and that's the honest deal breaker which I know is ridiculous, seeing as Firestone gave up on a repair due to the security system which made them pull the same relays without telling me until a tractor-trailer almost shave the top of my car off and my horn didn't work luckily a Chrysler dealer down the street was close but I don't have $800 4 Firestone or 300 for a dealer when it has to be something even I can manage. I brought up the way the key acted in the door because the only major difference with or without the fuses and relays pulled that I did in place or not is that the key does not use power to unlock the door anymore I can feel that I'm physically engaging the door unlocked but no more pesky relocking before I can pull the key out nor can I turn twice to unlock the passenger side. A multitude of videos I watched showed unlocking the passenger door with the key and holding it in that position for 10 to 15 would usually do the trick as simply turning to the unlock position on the driver side twice quickly shut the alarm down in the past. After trying everything including removing the battery for 24 hours and even tricks for Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram that aren't even remotely a similar year or style vehicle such as leaving the ignition on for 10 to 15 minutes but the seat belt plugged in lock and unlock with the switch unhook the seat belt then turn ignition off and quickly start which sounded absolutely ridiculous. But the door not reading that the key had unlocked the door since it's a chipped key explain to the alarm system going off which to me seems kind of weird that there isn't a system that inhibits the vehicle from starting or going into gear let alone driving without a problem, which feels like the ignition knows that nothing is wrong and the proper key is turning over but the door doesn't recognize that it's been unlocked. Some videos showed a button near the hood latch release can't you hold with the key in the ignition turned to the on position unfortunately this was only the case for a 98 and no such button is near on my 99 jxi convertible. The Next Step was a 98 in a video where every symptom from starting without a problem the flashing dome lights headlights and Horn and even the dome lights seizing their flashing only to turn off the backlit gauges in the course of action is stripping the door panel off and pulling the device that reads the chipped key in the door and bending a paperclip 2 fit in the ports or terminals resetting the system. I'm not a mechanically inclined person well I am but in the case of cars I'm the complete opposite now taking a door panel off doesn't seem like I could mess anything up to terribly but with sticking the key and everything and turning every direction and pulling fuses that I don't understand the purpose of or what they're for and plugging back in and getting a check engine light which one away once I unhook the battery for 24 hours before I bother putting in the effort as I'm not wealthy working or even have legal plates for can afford insurance at this juncture for a $2,600 car that I put between $8,000 and $10,000 in six trips to a mechanic over 5 years since 1200 here 800 there was cheaper than buying a new car and selling one that doesn't run there has to be something I can do as this is more of a nuisance than anything since what I do to relax is drive while listen to the radio. And that small detail is about as enjoyable to me as going for a run in the woods with my eyes closed. Sorry about the lengthy and overly detailed question I wanted to cover everything that way a professional can diagnose my car like a doctor would addressing the one thing that matches every symptom no more no less. Like my old Buick a diagnostic test revealed that it could be a mass air flow sensor a flat tire loose gas cap Bullet Hole struck by lightning missing engine or it's too close to the event horizon of a black hole and then we buy every part one by one and it never was fixed. If there's a fix that I or my uncle a retired mechanic with all the tools but the computer diagnostic test machines and code readers, ultimately I just want one thing that I can fix, or not. Please and thank you one last thing I neglected to mention is the trunk release in the Locking center console has ceased working as well however I have not put the horn or headlight relay back in so I wasn't positive it was a symptom of the actual problem I beg you can help and appreciate it more than you realize.
Sunday, August 8th, 2021 AT 3:08 AM

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We need to start with the basics on this first and foremost.

Please see the info below on this system so that we can get the basics covered.

Also here is a guide that may help with this:

If this does not then we need go through the manual override process that is attached below.

It is pretty simple but this will tell us if there is an issue in the system.

If the lamp flashed then it is okay and just active. If not then we have an issue which at that point we need a scan tool that is capable of communicating with this system to find out what the issue is.

This brings me to a greater point. If this vehicle is not even on the road driving and you have already sunk $10,000.00 into it then I think it may be time to cut losses and recoup as much as possible and invest that money and any other money that you would have spent on trying to repair this into another vehicle that is already running and driving.

Clearly we are here to help repair vehicles but this just does not sound wise as many people fall into the trap of, "I have already put so much money into it, I need to see it through."

That is just not true. Unless there is some other reason to keep a vehicle like this, like it is a happy or emotional attachment, then it doesn't make sense to put this much money into a vehicle like this.

Please let us know about this and we will help however, you want.

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Monday, August 9th, 2021 AT 10:47 AM

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