1997 Chrysler Sebring



September, 24, 2007 AT 3:08 PM

I have a 97 Chrylser Sebring JXI, 133,000, 6 cylinder convertible and have set off the alarm and can not get it to disarm. The power door locks have completely gone out (as well as the convertible top power), I have been having electrical problems, interior lights flashing, locks going up and down, etc until the locks no longer work. So when I locked my door yesterday, the key no longer works to unlock the doors. I had to use a coat hanger to get the door open which set off the alarm, horn honking lights flashing. I tried to start the car but since the car " thinks" it is stolen the alarm immediately " kills" the engine. I tried replacing all the fuses, disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it, anything to reset or disarm the alarm and everything has failed. I called Chrysler, they say bring it in, it may need a new computer. I don't have the money to do anything like that. I had the car towed to my house and am desperately looking for a solution. Since the alarm is a factory alarm, I believe it is a transponder system. I am hoping there is some sort of alarm/disarm wire I can cut/ground, etc. I am at a loss and need an expert!


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July, 19, 2012 AT 4:40 PM

I am having the very same problem with my 1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. I am unable to turn my key to disable my alarm so I decided to remove the fuse (located on the left side near steering wheel)to turn it off which worked. However, when I start my car the alarm still goes off and the car shuts off. Im not sure what to do.



July, 19, 2012 AT 5:11 PM

You really should start a new question of your ow. This question is 5 years old and this poor guy is going to get an e-mail notification every time someone posts here.

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