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April, 14, 2006 AT 11:18 AM

I installed the 2 relays as described for the 3-wire setup on a positive door lock system required for my 1990 Cutlas ciera. Problem is when I attach the last connection which is the 12+ power all 4 door locks will lock and stay locked but keep pushing pressure in the lock position making a humming and vibrating noise until it sounds like the battery is draining, the vibrating sound will slow down and start to make a gurgling sound. When I take the power off, the door latches will stop and release pressure and stay in the normal locked position plus the unlock won't function at all, what could be my problem oh and btw when the relays are not connected the door locks work fine from the door switches.


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April, 14, 2006 AT 11:20 AM

I suspect something isn't wired right. I don't know the system you describe so tell me something about it.



April, 16, 2006 AT 2:37 AM

I bought the system called prostart it's a 3 in 1 alarm/starter/door clocks, I wired everything up right the first time I added a starter kill relay. But the first time I installed it I used a real thin gauge wire single line copper wire and the door locks were working, I used this wire to test since it was all I had around, I assumed that in the winter this would pose a problem with the wire getting too cold it might break so I bought automotive twist wire. I wired the relays again and this time it wouldn't work. I ran a different set of wires from the door switch
as I thought maybe a wire broke in the door but still the same. I then thought maybe I wasn't getting a good ground so I placed it in multiple places but still the same. I then proceeded to test all ends of the wires with my digital voltometer and all readings are good. The fuse is good under the glove box and the door switches work without the relays, but is there another fuse that maybe I have blown, to me it seems like when I connect the power to the relay its constantly live you can hear the coil inside the relay activate and stay activated as long as the 12+ wire is connected my other assumption is the alarm module itself got fried. What do you think? Where should I connect the 12+ wire to, I had it connected to the 12+ (red wire) at the ignition constant power.

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