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July, 5, 2006 AT 11:19 PM

Hi, I understand the trannys in this vehicle have problems. I'am starting to see this for myself. It has only 82000km. Anyways, after driving in town and coming to a stop, the tranny seems to hesitate when downshifting to 1st gear. If you excelerate before the tranny shifts down to 1st, you can feel the vehicle jerk. What's up with this? Oh yah, also when at a stop, it's like a pump comes on, not the ac compessor, I don't think. Any idea what this could be? It can be felt through the brake pedal. Appreciate your response. Thanks

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July, 6, 2006 AT 9:03 AM

You have discovered the mighty chrysler bump shift! I have a 99 and it has always done this. You have to drive smarter than the car, meaning, when coming to a stop, if you have to hit the gas when the light changes, pull it down into low or wate until it downshifts it's self. Chrysler programed this into the computer so it would brake the rollpin in the trans and cost a butt load to repair. The dealership can flash the rom and take it out but they won't. Did you get the fluid and filter changed at about 52,000 like the manual says?
As for the other, when was the last time you checked your powersteering fluid. I notice when I stop that the rpm drops when the fans come on and the brake pedal goes down just a little.

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