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January, 20, 2006 AT 1:38 AM

This is going to sound nuts, but, our Bravada is driving us nuts. If the ignition key will come out when you turn the car off, the next time we go to drive it it will shift just fine. If, however, when you turn off the car and they key will not turn all the way to the lock position and come out, the next time you drive it it will not change gears. It runs as if it's stuck in 3rd gear. Has no take off power when you go to pull off and will not shift. We've been told everything from Engine Control computer to Ignition switch to shifting linkage. I don't have the money to change 15 different parts to fix one problem. : Shock:

Help! Any ideas?


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January, 20, 2006 AT 9:57 AM

Shifter linkage. The shifter will not let the key out if its in anything but park. This involves linkages and cables in the dash and or engine compartment. Probably some cheap $2 cable tie or mount.

HOWEVER, when you say this " it will not change gears. It runs as if it's stuck in 3rd gear.&Quot; Then it could also be a trans issue where the internals are not allowing the shifter to shift the lever thats on the trans properly. (Confused?)
Or the shift lever on the trans is not being positioned correctly by the cables, like when you put it in D, the linkage is putting the shift lever somewhere between D and 2.

I highly doubt Engine Computer and would love to meet the mechanic who told you that.

Well thats my guess.

Actuall now that I think about it, I had a similar problem where my Camaro would not shift out of D. It was a simple broken/loose shift cable mount near the transmission.

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