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November, 24, 2006 AT 3:06 PM

Try to locate leak and no luck. Its wet on driver side floor


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November, 27, 2006 AT 5:22 PM

Coolant loss. Check to see where its coming from. Like the vents or maybe a plug in the firewall



November, 28, 2006 AT 9:47 AM

Do you have a sunroof?
My '02 had the same problem last month. One of the drain holes for my sunroof was clogged.



February, 6, 2007 AT 11:58 AM

Sun roof drain clodded, which runs down the driver side pillar, between windscreen and door. I lifted carpet drilled 1/6" hole infloor in front of drivers seat (being careful not to damage wirinng harness) and drained over 6 liters of water. After which you must use a hair dryer under carpet for 4-5 hours to dry it out. If you fail to address this Problem it could compromise the Comfort Contrl Module ($350-500+) and wiring harness ($900+), I just replaced both. Now the security alarm won't allow car to start. Good Luck. I need help with security reprogaming



February, 10, 2007 AT 2:49 PM

Wow, you are one of the only other people I have heard of this happening too. I have a 2000 VW Passat V6 with 80,000 and this has been happening to me for two years. Last year, I got the wetness on the passenger side rear carpet. Had no clue, I had wired a subwoofer in through the firewall, thought sometime might have to do with that. I had to wetvac the carpet and leave a fan on it for 2-3 days just to get it dry to the touch. When I wetvaced, it was almost as if the water was coming from the rear floor heater vent. So, I kind of ignored it, even thought it makes the car start to smell, and then this year, (2006) it has happened to me 3 times. Only this time, it was always on the driver's side rear carpet. I would od the same thing, wetvac, fan, and then had to use carpet shampoo and brush so that it didn't smell. The trend I have noticed is that everytime I notice it, it has poured (rained hard) the day before. I also thought I had noticed some slight dampness after a good carwash, but was unsure. The water when I noticed it would be so that if I were to push my fingers into the carpet, you could see the water come up, like it was supersaturated. I've heard of people actually seeing like a half inch of water on top of carpet, but mine hasn't gotten this bad. But I have heard so many different things that could cause it, and I haven't found anything to fix it yet. I've heard sunroof drain quite a bit, but I was told where the drains are and checked those, and they said if they were clogged, when you pinched the drain open, you would see crap coming from it, which I didn't see. Also, I've been told a leak in the door seal, ya right. I've been told there is a drain that is somewhat under where the battery is, which could be clogged. I never checked, but I don't know if that even makes sense. I've also been told that the place where the cabin air filter is, passenger side right in the corner near the windshield under the hood, that somehow the seals on that are not good, causing the water to go into the vent area, and then going down to the floor cause of gravity when I turn the floor vent on. I am stumped, but have learned to watch the weather, and when it rains hard/a lot, I park it inside and I haven't had a problem. The only problem is I don't have a garage at college. LET ME KNOW IF YOU FIGURE SOMETHING OUT. This is the weirdest problem I have ever run into. Thanks

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