2015 Ford Taurus climate control unit broken

  • 2015 FORD TAURUS
  • V6
  • AWD
  • 200 MILES
When I use the cigarette lighter to power something the passenger side climate control increases the heat by itself to the maximum and the "dual" indicator goes on. After a few seconds, I click the "dual" indicator and the temp goes back. This does not happen consistently, no pattern.
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Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 AT 12:31 PM

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This vehicle will still be under warranty. They designed the over-complicated machine with way too many unnecessary computers, let them figure it out. Sorry for sounding so cynical but unusual electrical problems have plagued cars for the last 20 years, and owners like you get stuck with the frustration, inconvenience, and expense of trying to identify and fix those causes. Doctors work on two models that haven't changed in quite a while, in varying sizes, so they know their products inside out. Ours change drastically every year and we're expected to keep up with those changes. Unfortunately the independent mechanics get trained on vehicles that are a year or two old, then we don't see them in our shops right away so we forget some of that theory.

The best anyone will be able to offer is the problem will not be due to rust or corrosion yet. That will come in a few years. You won't have corroded grounds or frayed or rubbed-through wires yet either. We hate throwing random parts at a problem but when computers are involved, that's often the only thing we can do to rule it out or verify it's the cause of an intermittent problem. If you're going to "try" an $800.00 computer, you want to be sure it will be covered under warranty, and that means the dealer has to diagnose and repair it.
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Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 AT 10:27 PM

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